Gained 10 Pounds a Few Months After Tummy Tuck

I love the results to my tummy tuck for the most...

I love the results to my tummy tuck for the most part.

Although I went on a major diet and exercise regime before and lost more weight and now I have gained about 10 pounds only a few months after the procedure and I am concerned I could have stretched out the muscle. Is this possible?

Can I stretch out my tummy tuck muscles with a 10 pound weigh gain a few months after the procedure?


Great notes everyone! I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to submit a photo with out your face showing so I can see exactly what the weight gain issues could look like. I am seriously considering getting a tummy tuck but I am so worried what I would look like if I put on weight after surgery. Everything I read it says the fat is re-distributed once you have surgery. I'm wondering when you gain weight do you gain it evenly in the tummy after surgery or do you end up looking lumpy? I would really appreciate anyone's help. Thanks, Nancy
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I know what you mean---I can wake up feeling really flat on my stomach and then even when eating really low-cal healthy foods and exercising gradually throughout the day I feel really bloated---my doctor did try and drain with a needle but nothing came from it--he still thinks it is swelling. Even so it is better than the extra sagging skin I had. I am sure with you it will take time you are pretty early in the process. The nurse did tell me that things will fit differently and that my old pants might never fit---because of the reconfiguring of your figure. I do see that my shape is different.
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I had surgery 18 days ago and I am still swollen, tight and I have a hard time walking but it is getting better, I went shopping yesterday and today for an hour to get out and I get tired quickly. I got a breast reduction and a lift at the same time and oh my god this was a painful expereince and I get sad sometimes for no reason,,, My doctor is fantastic great bed side mannor and everyone at the hopsital was wonderful and so has been my family, I just wish it was 6 months down the road,,,
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