Fraxel Repair Disaster - Wanted to Remove Fine Lines on Forehead and Lower Eyelid Area

Treatment experience poor. I went to see a doctor...

Treatment experience poor. I went to see a doctor about removing some fine lines on my forehead and lower eyelid area.

While I was on the treatment table he recommended I do my entire face otherwise I would have to go through life with two different colours on my face. Big mistake! My entire face is ruined.

The pain was severe. I was told downtime 1 week. Not so overall downtime 5 months.

I had the fraxel repair procedure done 12 months ago. I am still trying to find a solution to fix my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - hydroquinone, kojic acid and triluma does not work. My skin is very hypersensitive and turns red as soon as I touch it. Furthermore i have a pink veil across the centre of my face and broken capillaries all over my cheek areas.

Can someone please explain to me what is going on with my skin? I have a meditteranean background, but milky white skin.


I know this post is old but I was curious if you found a solution/treatment for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation??
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Hi I didn't get hyper pigmentation just red inflamed skin. The answer to that is not really. It's not as bad but it continues to irritate and has a flushed look all of the time. I am currently using a retinaldehyde serum from a plastic surgeon called soothe his own brand of cosmetics. It has other properties to help soothe irritated skin along with vitamin A to help restore my skin. I don't believe anything helps that much to be honest. The moisturiser I am using is Cerave lotion that's all it can tolerate. The skin on my chest now has a lot of seboherric keratosis which can be due to sun damage but also trauma. I put it down to trauma. Sick of it? Completely.
And waste of my time and my solicitors time trying to do anything about it. The health commission was very intimidating and was told I can't prove irritation and I wasn't scarred so basically they don't see what my problem is. The keratosis can be blamed on sun damage. Wish I had never ever had it done.
Dr Jack Ting Coogee

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