Fraxel Repair Results Were Gone After 3 Months

I had fraxel repair on Jan. 6. I was so excited...

I had fraxel repair on Jan. 6. I was so excited and happy for 3 months. My skin looked great, pores were reduced, the lines were gone, and the skin under my eyes looked like I was 20 again. At the end of April it was like the life was sucked out of my face.

Everything went back to the way I looked before the laser with extras. I now have hollows under my eyes which I never had before. My cheeks just sunk, and I now have an 11 between my eyes. All the little lines around my month are back and every large pore has returned. I just knew it was too good to be true.

My doctor is now putting filler in the hollows and in my cheeks. He wants to redo the laser on the cheeks and around the mouth again. I wish I just had used the $4,500 on filler because I'm back to filler again. The laser redo will be free.

I had hoped the laser would buy me some time before I make a decision to do a facelift. Before you make a decision to laser do your research on all the results of those who are 4-5 months post laser.


I know exactly what you are talking about. I thought it was just me being ridculous but i had something very similar happen to me. I had fraxel Restore done 3 times My face looked very youthful and pretty well treated 8 months later, the left part of my face started sagging YES it happened over night, i remember the exact day i noticed my wrinkles getting stronger my cheek volume getting lower and how it lost volume and texture, and its been consistent like that for 6 months now. I don't know why that happened but it is DEFINITELY very easy to notice the quality of skin difference from the right and left half of my face
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It is now almost 5 months since my second fraxel repair. Again no improvement, my face looks the same and it again gave me hollows under my eyes. I had them filled before the second laser. I am spending so much money trying to fix what the laser messed up. I wish I never had it done. My face still has a red tint from the second laser. I don't see any collagen growth, I am more saggy than ever. What a let down, I really believed that this was going to work.
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what type of filler do you use under your eyes & cheeks --- i have have the same problem from fraxel repair
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I don't blame the Doctor, I believe everyone including the Doctors were lead to believe that this was the answer to less fillers and a substitute for those who didn't want to go under the knife.

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