Skin Feels Rough After Laser "Face Lift" - Pink and Blotchy

There were no pros. I feel that I was completely...

There were no pros. I feel that I was completely mislead by the doctor. I was told that I would have softer, smoother skin - with an overall tightening. I had the Titan procedure done before and was happy with the results....was told this was "bigger and better".

It was painful, and I looked like a burn victim. The recovery has been agonizing.

This is post 2 months out and I am still pink, blotchy with that pebble feeling to my face. I have not seen any improvement and wish I had not done this.


Updated August 29, 2009

Pros: none at this time. Cons: MANY! It was painful, prolonged recovery, no visible results, pink blotchy skin, "pebble" feel to my skin, extreme sensitivity!! I would not recommend it at this point.


Updated September 12, 2009

I had a laser facelift done about 10 weeks ago. I see no benefit to my skin at this time. I did not have wrinkles per se, but did so for firmness. I am told it takes 4 months to begin to see benefits. My problem is my skin now is rough ("pebble feel"), pink and blotchy. This was a non-ablative treatment (Starluxe 2940). How can I return my skin to being smooth again? Will microdermabrasion help this? I cannot wear liquid foundation now as my pores are too pronounced. How do I get rid of the residual pink blotchy skin? Thank you for your help.

Painful treatment. I see no benefits at this time. My skin feels worse; pink in appearance (after almost 3 months!) and feels rough to the touch. No noticeable lifting to the skin. Would not recommend.

What is the longest period of time you have seen to recover from the pink blotchy skin? I'm still very pink (red when I work out) and feels grainy. My doctor said this will not be permanent - but I'd like to know how long it can take to completely have the pink blotchy skin go away??

Hi Hudson, I sent you a pm, please let me know if you got it!
I am so happy that you found a resolution!!! Best wishes!!
Hi Bowman, I actually sent you a personal e-mail. I guess you didn't get it. Well, I'm here now. It took quite a while, but what helped me a lot was dermaplaning. It's a procedure where the technician uses a scalpal blade to remove the dead skin cells and follows it up with either a lactic (recommended) or glycolic (not for sensitive skin) wash. After a few treatments, your face will feel smooth and soft. I do have residual redness after exercise or if I use an exfoliant. I do use Retin-A nightly followed by Argan oil (soothing to the skin). You can find dermaplaning at any good spa or dermatologist's office. It's about $100.00 and should take 4-5 times to get rid of the scratchy, large pores. There is hope - but my skin will never be the same as it is sensitive and flushes easily. The end result was "good" but not worth the pain and down time. Boston has many dermatologists who perform this procedure and have no clue what they're doing! Healing time varies from person to person. I also think Zinc and a good vitamin regimen is beneficial for healing. Don't use alcohol (flushes the skin)........though it's tempting to do so given the level of frustration with this procedure. Hope this helps! You're sweet to ask me for an update. Any time!!!
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I was not fully informed that this procedure had such a long period of recovery. Who wants to wait 6 months to see results?

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