Fraxel Repair - Almost 60 and Now Not Happy in my Own Skin - Durham-Chapel Hill, NC

I had Fraxel Repair 3 weeks ago. I reacted to the...

I had Fraxel Repair 3 weeks ago. I reacted to the numbing agent so was given adovan and dental blocks which I don't recall as I was not fully conscious.

The recovering process has been wrought with extreme redness, itchiness and patches of sand-paper like skin. I am concerned that I am 59 years of age and my skin is looking worse than before the treatment. I am more wrinkled and my skin is even more reactive than usual.

These were not the results I was hoping for and i am finding myself now afraid of the sun and spending even more money on skin products to rectify what happened to my skin.

How long will the hyper-pigmentation take to resolve? What can I do myself to help the healing process?

Your response made me smile when you commented on your sunscreen use. I jsut told someone yesterday I know I will look younger now in ten year because I won't be out in the sun without a hat and sunscreen anymore! Thanks for your response.
Thank you for asking about my outcome. The hydroquinoine USP 4% helped the most with readness. I got some tightening from the procedure but not a significant face-lift type of change. I am concerned that it minimized the fat pads which were part of my structure of my face. All in all, I am slightly disappointed in the procedure but it did help to sensitize me to stay out of the sun or to apply a lot of sunscreen.
Did your skin texture ever improve? Did you have a pattern from the laser in your skin? What helped your redness the most? I agree with you that I would NEVER do this again!!!!
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