Fraxel for Chicken Pox Scars

I had a fraxel laser treatment 2 days ago to treat...

I had a fraxel laser treatment 2 days ago to treat my chicken pox scars (many all over my face). So far so good, but not feeling very encouraged that the hypopigmentation (whiteness) of the scars will fade. Still, the treatment wasn't bad, minimal pain & totall worth it if it helps. We'll see...

Any suggestions to treat the white scars left from chicken pox? Doing fraxel for the pits, but have been told it wont help the hypopigmentation.


Hi Gina - sounds interesting. Have you actually looked into finding someone to do that? I know people get "permanent makeup" like eyeliner & eyebrow tattoos. I'd be really curious to know what you've decided. Let me know, please. And be well... nico
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I have a similar hypopigmentation problem with a couple of scars - and I've often wondered if having a light color ink tattood on the area would help it blend in? I don't mean getting a tattoo picture, I mean just filling in the area with a shade or so darker ink?
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