Think TWICE Before Doing Fraxel, You CAN'T UNDO THE DAMAGE (Treated for Acne on Cheeks/forehead) - Katy, TX

Awful! Don't recommend it all! I did it to get...

Awful! Don't recommend it all! I did it to get rid of acne and ended up with both cheeks and forehead w/hyperpigmentation and now the dr. both shrug their shoulders and say they have done their best to get rid of the problem. It's nice that they can just look the other way, and say they are no longer responsible for the damage, they are saying I had melasma when I came in to see them originally but I scrapbook and I've got untouched photos (upclose) and I DIDN'T HAVE MELASMA!

So not worth it, please don't do it, no matter what type of skin you have. I am dark (Hispanic) and although I quizzed the drs about it, they were so casual about it.


You all are not alone! I have paid for 4 Fraxel Restore treatments, saw immediate results but the problem is, the results didn't last no time. It's been about three months and I'm going in today for my 4th treatment, only because it's already paid for. I'm not happy with my results thus far and if I could get a refund I would.
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Hi, please tell me how is your skin, please reply because im soooo scared and at this point so suicidle. I just need someone from years back to answer.
My skin has improved and recovered from the hyperpigmentation. I have used different over the counter skin care more recently a brand called Rx for Brown Skin; I sincerely believe that taking lots of vitamins/ supplements particularly B complex. B12 and B6 helped mire than anything else!!! In retrospect I do not believe Fraxel treatments were worth anything!!! If I had to do it all over again I wouldn't bother!!!!!
(Drs. Duncan and Novic) Advanced Dermatology - Katy, Texas

I wouldn't just get the opinion of one dr. Get several! Ask about their experience with the lasers. Many docs just go for a one day training. Ask to see pictures of all skin types. Ask for info on dark skinned individuals that they've worked on.

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