Fraxel on Stretchmarks

I am african american and I have had fraxel on my...

I am african american and I have had fraxel on my thighs and buttocks and love the results. I have had 2 out of a recommended 6 treatments and I am very happy. There is already a noticeable difference. They obviously won't be completely gone but they will be much lighter. Like anything it depends on your skin and your doctor.

so far I haven't had any problems besides the itching and peeling skin afterwards. You are also left with little brown dots but they fade over a couple weeks.


Was the 3600 the total cost for 6 treatments?
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6 treatments plus a few extra touch ups (2 in the knee area, one on the butt). The prices are going to vary depending on the body parts you get done. Most places will offer you a package deal if you agree to a set amount of treatments.
Thanks, also where did you go to get the treatments?
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Everyone in the office is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable. I never felt pressured to make a decision about the procedure. I asked a ton of questions and never felt like I was bothering them.

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