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Fraxel Restore for African American with Acne Scarring and Discolorations

Pros: soften acne icepick (scars were not deep)and...

Pros: soften acne icepick (scars were not deep)and boxcar scarring , minimize pore size, very little down time, little pain
Cons: Swelling, expensive (but so worth it)
Why: acne scarring discoloration

I am a dark skinned African American woman with acne scarring. This is my first fraxel restore treatment and although i was scared out of my mind to go through with the procedure I am so glad I did.

Today is my 3rd day post treatment and after two days of very mild swelling and turning a bronze color (both of which were barely noticeable)I am starting to peel. The bronze color is what is actually peeling off and underneath is a brown slightly lighter than my normal skin tone which i was told to expect. I am hoping that my the end of the week the bronze will be completely gone leaving me with better skin tone. I was treated with a bleaching agent before the procedure to prevent hyper pigmentation. I also was given acne medication to get the break outs under control. A numbing cream was placed on my face for an hr before the procedure (gel was very uncomfortable) I couldn't fully feel my face until the next day. An icepack was place on the sides of my face right after each side was done and a cooling spray was administered while the procedure was being performed.

Even tho this is my first treatment of fraxel restore (I had two fraxel refine done 3 months early - (total waste of money) I definitely see results. The scars are softer and my pores are less noticeable. I hope this helps anyone thinking about the procedure. I am totally looking forward to my next treatment. I will try to keep updating the results. I do have pictures and will post them shortly. Be well

Ann Tappas from NYC Skin and Laser Center

Experienced with African American skin and the fraxel laser

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i plan on having fraxel restore soon and an a medium brown african american, i would like to see your progress
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Is this a real or fake review?
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It is real

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I have had body acne and although it's pretty much gone, I still have the scars. I'd like to go with the "restore" treatment. does anyone know of any pictures of african american patients who have gone through this procedure? i'd like to see some actual results. thank you.
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Have researched this site before several of my procedures. Now I am considering another Fraxel lasers. Or possibly something new. My acne scarring has gotten better but I am hoping for that one procedure that will make me happy.
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I just thought I'd take a minute to highly recommend my doctor which i don't think I did properly the first time around. I trust her completely and know that she is committed to helping me achieve the results that I want. I have been to a few consultations where the doctors bedside manner was kind of lacking but she is definitely not amongst those types. Good luck and just for clarification I think I misspelled her name the first time around. Its doctor anne chapas and the complete name of the office she works out of is Laser and Skin Surgery of NY. One other thing Chestnut Hill Physicans in Boston is also an excellent place to go. I had the choice between NYC and them and I chose NYC just because they were a few hundred cheaper and they have experience with african american skin and not just skin of color which could mean just sian skin types or latino. But again confident that there not just out to take your money and that they have enough education and research behind them to skillfully manipulate the laser on skin of color. The doctor I consulted with at Skin Care Physicans name was Dr. Kaminer. Good luck and by the way the icepick scars are starting to fill in (week one after second treatment) Horray! but a couple of things to keep in mind, she was very agressive my second treatment and the although there definitely is progress its baby steps. Good luck all and I hope I'm being helpful and not just blabbing. Thanks
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I'm just reading through my first posting after my first procedure and how I said i was happy with the results. Yea well as you can see it didn't last. The brown spots are normal (as someone posted as a symptom) and for me they hid the enlarged pores/ice pick scars but once they were gone I was able to see that they were still there. This is probably one of the reasons they tell you to wait for the full experience before giving advice. Just wanted to clarify. Thanks
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My doctor is female and her name is {edited}. But please read my below posting before deciding if fraxel is right for you. I was responding to a specific person who had contacted me but I think it might be helful to all Hello Well I have just finished my second fraxel treatment and I'll be honest I am not that thrilled with the results for my enlarged pores (ice pick scars). My doctor said that I should start to see them fill in after the third treatment but I'm just not that optimistic. Be it because the scars have been such a defining thing in my life that thinking about them gone is just to much to hope for or the fact that she didn't sound that certain either way I just want to be honest. I'm not that hopeful at all. I also have a couple of boxcar scars that definitely seem to be responding to the treatment but again the enlarged pores/ice pick scars (which in my case are not that deep at all) do not seem to be responding. I will keep you up to date if you like on my progress. I will go for my third treatment on Sept 27 (I just had this one two days ago). I will tell you this tho. Fraxel definitely is one of those procedures that work differently on everyone from the pain level to the actual results. In talking with a couple of people in the waiting room I was able to determine that although this was by far the best and most advance procedure for scarring and discoloration the results do vary. I hope I didnt discourage you but I just wanted to be honest. I fill your pain in dealing with the acne scarring and wish you all the best. Again please let me know if you want me to keep you in the loop. Thanks and sorry it took me so long to respond. I don't check this address as often as I should although I will start now.

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I also have dark skin and had my 1st fraxel restore with Dr.Paul Frank on Thursday, I'm still a little swollen and red.. It looks like I have sun burn with little brown spots all over my face. I'm going to give my dr. a call on monday so see if this brown spots are normal. How is your face healing so far?
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Self Defined Do you mind posting your doctor so people with dark skin can consult with him..
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