Dermaplaning After Fraxel Laser - Los Angeles, CA

Good so far! Hoping it will only get better in the...

Good so far! Hoping it will only get better in the weeks to come, Painful but not bad. Down time a little longer than the 48 hours but still OK.

I had a Fraxel restore treatment on Friday and so far have what seems to be the normal redness/brown skin, white bumps etc. I was thinking of going in this week and having some dermaplaning to help with the exfoliation process.


Is Dermaplaning after Fraxel restore Ok and if so how soon after could I have it done? Would it harm my skin in any way?

All my exfoliation happened quite naturally and was over in about a week. So I think any additional procedure to hurry it along wouldn't be necessary. I think all you'd need is normal washing twice a day, plus maybe a wipe with a cotton pad moistened with astringent or toner. That should be sufficient.
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