Could Be Badly Scarred. This is Serious.

Some brown spots, acne scars and light wrinkles....

Some brown spots, acne scars and light wrinkles. Doctor recommended 2 treatments 3 weeks apart. Swollen for 3-4 days, red in places for 9 days, still red in areas raised bumps look like chicken skin! Ugly.

Is there a chance that these bumps and rough skin will soften or diminish? Is there anything I can do to help it? Been reading horror stories that in 1-3 years I could experience infections and discoloration on my face, is this true?

Any updates?
Amazing Grace Thank you for your validation! I am so sorry that you have experienced the same thing. I pray things have gotten easier for you and you have found some healing. People need to understand that this really is a nightmare you can't wake up from. Carla
I had the same experience as Carla. I lost all the fat (volume) in every area treated. This was confirmed at the Mayo Clinc, for those who are skeptical!

They were not honest about the recovery time.

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