Pearl Laser on Eyelids, Forehead, Around my Eyes and Mouth

I had pearl laser on my whole face and pearl...

I had pearl laser on my whole face and pearl fractional laser done on my eyelids, forehead, around my eyes and mouth.

It has now been 30 days and I am still a deep red color and have a honey-comb texture to the areas where the fractional laser was done.

Pros- didn't hurt

Cons - I still won't go out, I've become depressed and frantic. I can't cover this redness up even with makeup.

Is this normal to be this red after 30 days and to have the laser pattern left on my face?

yikes...I shouldn't be reading these things....I had pearl/pearl fractional in same areas you did. I am 6 days out and feel that the redness will never go away. It has not faded at all. I know its probably too soon to tell, but I just get a feeling its going to be red for a long time! Was it really a full month for you? How are you now? Happy with the results? I loved the results from my pearl a year ago so went for the double whammy!
I know, I looked like a burn patient. It really did take 3 months for me to see the complete results. I am really pale (super white) skin and it took at least 1 month for the redness to start to fade and two months for the redness to completly go away. The pin-point dots from the laser (fractional) were there for at least 3 months. Mostly seen around my mouth. The make-up I used after about 2 weeks is the face powder by glo minerals. It really gives good natural color that made a difference. It really did make a difference for the lines around my eyes and mouth. I get a lot of compliments about having pretty skin. The brochure says you can put make-up on after 5-7 days(I think) but they need to change that. Let me know if you have any other questions. Make sure to do the vinegar soaks.
Do you have any before and after photos that you could post?
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He is very knowledgeable and the staff is wonderful.

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