Flushing After CO2 Laser Surgery

I had CO2 laser surgery last August 2008, and it...

I had CO2 laser surgery last August 2008, and it is now mid June. I still have redness in the treated area, and I'm also experience flushing. Flushing can be extreme at times, and I am beginning to worry if this flushing is something permanent like Rosacea.

I'm Hispanic, and I have never ever had flushing problems, until after the surgery. I run marathons, eat spicy foods and lived in Iraq (where it is extremely hot) for 1 1/2 years, and have never flushed. In other words, I have never really flushed, and no one in my family has rosacea.

Is there a possibility that I now have rosacea as a result of having CO2 laser surgery, or is this flushing part of the healing process and will reside once I'm healed?


Me too! I am chinese-asian and never had any flushing issues prior to my Fraxel restore surgery. Even when I drank myself drunk, I never turned red. Now, 4 months post surgery, my skin is constantly red. I have to go to school but I hide behind my baseball cap pulled down half my face. I don't know what to do either! Please let me know of any updates. I regret getting the laser now.
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Dear Bspenc5, Thank you so much for posting your experience; I have the exact same unfortunate problem. I'm a fair skinned caucasian, active hiker and gardener who never had a flushing or skin problem previously-- except for acitinic keratosis and squamous cell cancer. I am now 6 months post CO2 laser, and considering the pulsed laser "remedy". Did your problem finally resolve? Did you find any kind of treatment to be helpful? I sure hope so, for your sake and mine. Thank you again for any advice you can share.
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I'm actually not sure whether I would recommend my provider. He appears to be doing everything he can to help me recover at no charge. I guess I just would not recommend CO2 laser surgery to anyone, not necessarily my docotr.

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