Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair - Waste of Money - It All Came Back

I saved up the money to get the laser hair removal...

I saved up the money to get the laser hair removal and was so excited. I have facial hair that really gets me down.

It worked for a short time and all came back. I had 5 treatments. The plastic surgeon kept telling me that I was such a great candidate and it was working so well. I use the prescription Vaniqa now--doesn't remove hair but it certainly slows down the growth. I am so unhappy.


I had 9 laser treatments on my face. I noticed some improvement during the first 3 treatments but nothing after that. The laser people kept going higher with the settings but nothing. I am so not happy. I spent so much money on laser and maybe burnt my skin (can't see any burns but if the laser didn't burn my hair then maybe it burnt my skin?). is it possible to get money back if laser treatments don't work? I am in Brisbane.
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I totally agree with you! My case was worse I had 9 treatments.
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I've tried various lasers and settings for 2 years (about every 4-6 weeks) and I've only seen slight improvment on my facial hair. I've had hormones tested and everything was normal. I'm finally getting my money back after being very patient.
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He kept giving me treatments when he saw that it wasn't working.

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