Lumps and Frog Face After Fat Injection

I'm 36 years old. I had hollow undereyes (tear...

I'm 36 years old. I had hollow undereyes (tear thorough and the cheek between the tear thorogh and the nose area) I had a fat injected to these area 4 days ago.

Thoguh the sweeling has gone mostly there are lumps under both my eyes which goes up to my cheekbones (like a line) and it feels like a rock and it causes a frog face looking on my face because my lower eyelids are pulled down by the lumps i think. There are also uneven surface.

I'm so devastated that I can't sleep, eat or drink because of the anxiety. I look horrible. It's as if my facial anatomy has deformed. I phoned to my doctor and actually he didn't pay much attention and said he can't remove it, said don't worry it will go down.

Please help me. Are there any chances to remove the excess fat or all of it by blepharoplasty or anything else? What can I do before the fat is detached and before it's too late?

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just thought this medical journal may have some leads on doctors.

Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery:
May/June 2008 - Volume 24 - Issue 3 - pp 213-217
doi: 10.1097/IOP.0b013e3181710321
Periocular Autologous Coleman Fat Graft Survival and Histopathology
Anderson, Owen A. M.R.C.Ophth.*; Tumuluri, Krishna F.R.A.N.Z.C.O.*; Francis, Nicholas D. F.R.C.Path.†; Olver, Jane M. F.R.C.S., F.R.C.Ophth.*

Purpose: Autologous Coleman fat transfer is used in the periocular area and intraorbitally for soft-tissue volume augmentation in postenucleation socket syndrome. This article aims to identify areas of low fat absorption and the histopathology of excised fat.

Methods: Noncomparative case series of patients who underwent excision/debulking of injected autologous fat in the inferior sulcus/lower eyelid.

Results: Five of 20 patients with postenucleation socket syndrome who had received intraorbital and sulcus Coleman fat transfer, required fat reduction (sculpting) from the inferior sulcus and lower eyelid due to persistent overfill 8 months to 17 months after fat transfer. Between 0.2 ml and 1.4 ml of fat was removed. The excised fat was pale, rubbery, and compact in comparison with the normal lower eyelid fat pad. Histopathology showed healthy adipose cells but with chronic inflammation and fibrous septa.

Conclusions: Fat survival is greater than anticipated in the lower eyelid and inferior sulcus. Therefore, judicious use in these areas is suggested. The grafted fat is distinguishable from the fat in the lower eyelid both clinically and histopathologically.
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Six years ago I had a doctor agree to put fat in the lines between my nose and mouth. Unfortunately, the he decided to put it all the way from the lines almost to my eyes. It has looked unnatural since the day it was done, but it gets worse every year as the fat shrinks. I feel disfigured because I have lumps on both sides of my face that look like I had dental surgery and am still swollen. I've asked a couple of doctors about getting rid of the fat and have been told that I can't get rid of it and the only solution is to get filler. Has anyone been able to get rid of theirs? Please let me know.
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Has your fat shrunk any more since? I don't understand why it would shrink if it took
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I had mandibular implant on both the sides,to avoid recurrent fat injection,to blow up my face and to enhance jaw shape but unfortunately my right side was not taken up properly due to haematoma and,infection.So my surgeon removed it.As there was lot of oedema over the rt side in the begining there was no much differnce but slowly my Rt side mandibular line was started showing a gross defect nearly 9mm.Meanwhile as i developed mild diabetes my surgeon advised not to go for re-implantation.He asked me to go for fat injections two are three sittings so that it makes more are less the same symmetry of left.i am in dilemma whether take it granted or rethink about implant.My age also +40s.Pls let me know does anybody had similar experience?if so what you did? and what was the net result? Glee face ? or ugly face?
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I too had a lower blep and laser resurfacing. My face melted off and the lower blep procedure left me with a hollow look. It didn't turn out well. The doctor took out too much fat. I was scared to death. I went recently and had a fat-transfer to correct the over done blep. procedure. Under my right eye turned out very nice. My left eye however, was a little hollow and some small lumps. I was told to give it a little more time and as I've read in other articles here....famous last words of the surgeons seem to be ....plastic surgery is not a science. In other are on your own dear. They are soooo eager to take your money....but are not willing to correct any mistakes they might make. How sad....we should all band together and try to do something about these so called doctors....I count my blessings that I am ok...and I am going to leave it at that. Fat transfer is an iffy thing....better have a great surgeon...might try and check to see who Barbara Walters uses....shes 80 and looks 40. All in the surgeon girls....good ones and bad ones, unfortunately more bad ones than good ones.
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AprilMay, Forgot to ask that I be emailed if you respond. Thanks again.
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AprilMay, I hope it worked out for you. Since it has been 6 months by now you know if it smoothed out or if you had to get some corrections. The info from "swollen eyes" seems to be the most accurate after doing some research on correcting problems. Could you email me and let me know what happened and also - who was your doctor and would you recommend the doctor or did you find a bettor doctor?
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AprilMay, I am so sorry this happened to you. I am going through the same kind of anxiety. Unfortuantly my surgeon put mine in the wrong place, but then was verbally abusive (trying to cover his mistakes) to the point where I now have trauma. My injections were to fill out skin after a failed attempt at a corrective mini lift (gave me the wrong surgery there also) Its awful to have something like this happen at all, let alone have a surgeon tell you that he can't or won't fix it. Just know you are not alone.
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I had fat grafting to my lower eyelid area about three months ago and experienced calcification (which is a hardening of the fat grafts). I had puffy lower eyelids that resembled small tissue expanders underneath my eyes. The swelling has gone down significantly but I always had a look of being slightly tired. A few days ago I had follow-up injections of fat. Judging from the results, the fat deficiencies have disappeared (translation: I don't have that tired look anymore). I look normal. I know the frustration and devastation associated with this complication all too well. I personally wouldn't want to relive it. If you are completely desperate, you can opt for steroid shots or be patient and let the swelling resolve and get subsequent corrective fat transfer procedures. The danger of getting the steroid shots is that you will erase the potential benefit of the fat transfer (once the swelling subsides).
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Oh my gosh you poor women! I hope their is something out their to help you. Ask a different doctor till you find one to give you a real answer on how to fix this. Thank you so much for your story if I hadn't stumbled across this I might have done something I truly would have regreted
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Hi Aprilmay, I had strange bags of fat under my eyes after my fat transfer and my doctor didn't tell me that was normal or a possibility after fat transfer. I only found that out after my first fat injection. He did tell me "most people have 2 injections" but I didn't realize that was because the results of the first injection could be uneven. Since that time I have gotten a follow up fat injection that has smoothed the area and improved the look. I am also going to do a third injection to finish filling in the hollows. In terms of the puffiness you may be seeing now, that will still go down. It really does take several weeks for the fat to take its permanent shape. I really think you will see a lot of improvement with time. Until then you can try makeup to cover the area or wear glasses. Once you have given it some time and if you think you still do not like the results, you may be able to reverse the effects with a blepharoplasty.
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I AM A MONTH AWAY FROM HAVING FAT GRAFTING.. to fill a boot mark to my right cheek bone.. I am not going to have it done now.. I feel so sad you have had to go thu this. You go to a doctor with so much trust to make you feel better in your self. I hope you are Ok...?
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