Facial Burn from Microdermabrasion and Enzyme Peel

Hi. I went yesterday to get an enzyme peel and...

Hi. I went yesterday to get an enzyme peel and microdermabrasion at a medical spa. When i left and looked in the mirror it appeared that where i had previously used Murads spot treat ment it was irritated and red. As time passed it got worse and now it looks like a huge facial burn!

I called the spa and they told me to use hydrocortisone. It looks the same today! Any ideas? I really hope this isnt permanent! Its huge! =(
I had just one treatment of microdermabrasion on wednesday morning, 14.10.09. Previous to this my two daughters had always complimented me on my soft skin (apart from the lines of course ) but they are always saying that they wish they had my type of skin. I hate to say it but I was always a sun worshipper in my youth, but no one told us any different then. So when the beautician said that I would see a total difference in my skin just after one treatment, she was not wrong. MY SKIN IS AWFULL! This is the second mistake I have made, the first being bad botox, you would think I would learn. My daughter said today, she has never seen my face in worse condition, as well as a burnt chin. DONT GO THERE GIRLS!
could have been because your used murads spot treatment, that has sulfer in it. person doing treatment should have asked if you were using any products such as this first, if you have only got the micro you probably would have been fine but the enzyme peel probably peeled you too much and was too much in combo with spot treatment product
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