Post-op Numbness After Lifestyle Lift

I had a Lifestyle Lift face lift on July 27th 2009...

I had a Lifestyle Lift face lift on July 27th 2009.

The neck muscles are very tight on both sides of my neck, with the right side having a "knot" in the muscle on the side of my neck. I have been applying warm compresses daily. I also still have severe "tightness" especially upon waking in the morning.

How long will this "knot" in my neck last and the burning sensation in my chin area [I had mild liposuction there]?
I had my surgery in June/2012and I am still struggling with what I believe may be nerve damage. I've still got numbness and stiffness behind my ears and I wake up with headaches every morning. I use cold and hot packs, but to no avail. To this day I dread the day I made the decision to have this done. This procedure was also done in cold blood because I heard the entire conversation between the doc and his assistants, trust me, I didn'nt miss a word. I am the most miserable woman and for this I owe it all to Lifestyle Lift. Go to another doctor as some of you say, I don't think so, things could get worst, and do you want to pay for me to have additional work, I spent over $6,000 plus visits to 4 neurologists, 2 pain clinics, my pcp and have taken more medications than I care to talk about. For those of you who haven't experience this horrific surgery, don't mock others, you are not feeling the everyday pain and the bad mood that one gets into everyday. It even has an effect on my family. First have the surgery, go through the pain and suffering, then you can talk, otherwise, keep your mouth shut. I am in line to join others in a class action suit and will take it as far as I can to make this clinic pay for the misery they've caused me. 17 months since the surgery, I should be feeling some relief and it looks like it's not going to happen, not to mention that it did change my looks. They did not take ten years off my face, they took over $6,000 out of my wallet, trust me. If you have plans of having any work done by this clinic, turn your turkey neck the other way and head to a real doctor!
Sorry, I meant that it did not change my looks. I still look the same, just down a lot of money and in total misery. By the way, I followed all their tules, took whatever medications and made all the follow-up visits to their office, but the compassion wasn't there, they consulted you by having you come through the front door, then you are practically kicked out the back door and you never ever get to use the front door again, God forgive you make an attempt. I also wrote to the main office to Dr. Kent and to this day nothing has been done to reduce my misery, I guess misery in their words doesn't love company. They got their money and ran and you are on your own from that day on. Can't wait to see them plastered all over TV when we all come forward. Debbie Boone is getting richer by doing these what I believe to be false commercials. Lifestyle did not light up my life, they ruined it. I saved up 4 of my social security checks for this mess and I could kick my self in the a&& for having made such a stupid decision.

I am a week and a half into it. I feel that tightening around my neck. I was told now to do hot compress on my neck. I do feel the “knot” But, I gently massage them. Feels good. I also rub arnica on my bruises. It has helped as well as taking the arnica montana. Please post any other tips.

lifestyle lift: Dr. Wayne Mucci

I am happy with the way I look. I am concerned about the post-operative effects.

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