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I had my surgery about a month and a half ago. It...

I had my surgery about a month and a half ago. It was one of the best things I've done for myself. I am 52 and had a necklift, lateral brow lift, eyelid surgery and my jawline cleaned up. I don't look tired and grouchy anymore.I think the best part was the lateral brow lift.I don't have that suprised look at all. Sexy.

Parts of my head and face are still numb and my right eyebrow nerves haven't caught up with the left so my eyes are still a bit asymmetrical but I see progress. I also had my broken veins zapped and yag laser on my face and decollatage. Do it. You deserve it. Next month I'm having breast reduction surgery.

You look great and if your brows are asemetrical, I didn't notice it and I'm told we are all naturally a little asemetrical. I was wondering if you had any fat transfer to your face and has it lasted over the years? Thank you for sharing your photos.
you look amazing, very fresh, and natural. thanks so much for sharing. I'm saving up for my work!
You looked great before but now you look like your in your 30s. Worth every penny I would say.
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He's an artist. Everything he warned me about and reassured me about came true. He's super cautious. One of the best

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