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I had my surgery about a month and a half ago. It...

I had my surgery about a month and a half ago. It was one of the best things I've done for myself. I am 52 and had a necklift, lateral brow lift, eyelid surgery and my jawline cleaned up. I don't look tired and grouchy anymore.I think the best part was the lateral brow lift.I don't have that suprised look at all. Sexy.

Parts of my head and face are still numb and my right eyebrow nerves haven't caught up with the left so my eyes are still a bit asymmetrical but I see progress. I also had my broken veins zapped and yag laser on my face and decollatage. Do it. You deserve it. Next month I'm having breast reduction surgery.

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon

He's an artist. Everything he warned me about and reassured me about came true. He's super cautious. One of the best

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you look amazing, very fresh, and natural. thanks so much for sharing. I'm saving up for my work!
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You looked great before but now you look like your in your 30s. Worth every penny I would say.
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Hey Everyone:

I forgot I posted these. They don't really do justice to the way I looked a year or so after it was done. If you want to see some updated pics you can see me on Facebook at Nancy MacLeod Goodwin Smith.

Dr. Law is the best. I've seen some bad plastic surgery. No one has ever guessed that I had something done. There is a little scaring on one of my lids but neutral eye shadow covers it. I wear my hair pulled straight off my face. The scars are so strategically placed that they aren't noticeable. Dr. Law is really, really good. I
have never regretted it one bit. In fact, I got a breast reduction after this and they are actually "perky." Amazing after having to carry them around. Other doctors who have seen my breast reduction (gyn, general practitioner) say that he did a wonderful job.
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Thank you so much for your response. My husband says it is because there are truly good people out there!
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Hi Deliah,

I was going to say you look awesome, it doesn't look like you even had anything done in that last picture, in a good way of course. ;) Thanks for coming back to the community to update us. Please stay active. Your review could definitely help others.



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Hi, it is now October 2010, would you feel comfortable emailing me or posting updated pictures? You are very brave and open to share your experience and help those of us considering the procedure. I wondering about the scars, can you still wear short hair? How are things going now?
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I may schedule a consultation with your Doctor. Do you have any recent photos you would like to show me so I can see the final results?
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Wow< you look superb! I live in virginia beach but am contemplating on having my surgery done by your doctor. I have a question about the scars. Some surgeons scars heal nd you cant see them. I had my upper eye lids done by Dr. Ben Hugo and was very pleased with the result however his facelift photos are not as good as what your Dr achieved. Am researching now and again...am very impressed with your results...youe are a very atractive woman to start anyway. Hope to hear a reply regarding your scarring. martina
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You look wonderful. I am considering the same doctor. Would you communicate with me? I have a few questions. I have found talking with patients is the best thing to do. Thank you
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You look amazing. I too live in Raleigh and would like to know the surgeon who did the facelift. Thanks!
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Hi Rita,

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You look great. I am 46 and would like to freshen up my looks. I have a 3year old daughter and feel I look good, but think it is time. I have been using fillers but this is not very long lasting and really adds up. Any advice would be great. Also tell me about your Dr. he did a wonderful job! Thank you, Laura
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