Lifelift Not Worth It

Save your money and see a real doctor, its been 2...

save your money and see a real doctor, its been 2 yrs. and i look the same but the only thing i did walk away with was a stitch left inbedded under my skin! so i guess its true "you get what you pay for.


I called to request the free info offered in the LSL infomercial. They seemed suspiciously pushy. I was urged to schedule an apt the next day for a "Free" evaluation. Does anyone have any info on the schaumburg location?
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Im scheduled in a few weeks in scaumburg..can someone tell me if they've ever had good results?
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hi, i wouldnt feel right speaking for anyone else, but be sure thats where you want to go, i had mine also in schaumburg but cant remember which "i use these words with a grain of salt" doctor it was, id have to check me papers, i think as women & men we should be more pleased with ourselfs and not be so down at our looks, and there was a video i saw after i had it done called plastic surgury nightmares that made me wake up and think omg! what was i thinking.
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