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Refreshed and Worth It - F/L and N/L

I went out of the country and had a face lift and...

I went out of the country and had a face lift and neck lift by a prominent doctor. My face skin was loose and my neck skin just hung.

I was required to stay in the city where I had the surgery for 8 days. I did have to get extra fluid drained, but I had no major complications.

I am pleased with the result and get many compliments from my close friends how natural I look.


Oh i had twilight anesthesia. I dont remember anything except feeling happy!
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I am in giadalajara. Dr. Cardenas did my facelift and necklift. No scars and minor bruising. I actually went out and walked around the city today. Price of face and necklift 3850 dollars. I fly back to atlanta friday.
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On his website, it states that he uses general anesthesia. With all of my prior surgeries, twilight anesthesia was used. I am concerned with the toxicity and recovery with general anesthesia. Any comments or experiences with anesthesia welcome.
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Dr. Cardenas

My doctor not only practices, but teaches at University of Guadalajara which is the premier plastic surgery school in the country of Mexico.

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