Question Regarding Face Lift Complication - Was Hoping for a More Youthful Appearance

I am 8 weeks post op from a face lift. I have a...

I am 8 weeks post op from a face lift. I have a line that runs from my earlobe all around my face (including the chin). It appears as though the line is filled with blood. Additionally, on my left jaw line there is a semi-hard mass which the doctor has injected with steroid twice. The hard mass is getting smaller. I am very uneven and I think I look very "strange".

The doctor is not forthcoming with any information and I am very concerned that this is permanent.

At this point I am not very happy with the result. I was hoping for a more youthful appearance and at this stage I simply look distorted.

Any insight as to what is going on would be greatly appreciated.
I had a mini facelift 5 weeks ago. I also have hard masses on my face. This is the most depressing part of this experience. I had my 4 week post op appointment last week. My surgeon told me I am doing well and to give it time. I have done my Google research & I believe I probably read every comments posted on the Web on lumps after facelift. I guess we will just have to let time do its healing. Hope you will continue to post your progress.
Greetings, Update - Seven months post-op. Still have one large lump on my jawline near my chin. It appears to be scar tissue. After several discussions with my doctor regarding my disappointment in the results I decided to try fat injections to see if it would soften the look. We discussed having the doctor try and remove the scar tissue but from everything I've read I didn't want to take the chance that I would end up with more scar tissue rather than less. The fat injection seems to have helped a little, but I am only two weeks post-op from that procedure and I'm sure it will not look as good in three months. What I wanted the doctor to do is tighten my skin a little bit more so that the lump would fall further down on my jawline which would look much better (I've pulled the skin tight to see how that would look). I believe my doctor wants me to wait at least one year before he will even consider that option. I think this problem resulted in having drainage tubes placed in the jawline initially and not having the proper compression garment placed on my jawline after the tubes came out. I don't mean to sound negative here and I hope your recovery goes well. Keep massaging your lumps to keep as soft as possible as there is a chance they will smooth out over time.
I hope you eventually get the results you are seeking. I know it can be very frustrating. I've also heard a lot of surgeons don't like to use the drains as from what I've heard, the drains cause more problems with healing. Some surgeons swear by using the drains though.
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Was not informed that what has happened was a possibility. Was told of other complications but not this. Was expecting to look great in 3-4 weeks and instead I look distorted.

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