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Persistent Swelling on One Side 2 Years Later

I had a facelift 2 years ago and noticed a lot of...

I had a facelift 2 years ago and noticed a lot of swelling afterwards. It seemed to take a long time to go away but it did not look that bad.

The problem now is that the left side still looks swollen but the right side has normalized . The difference in the 2 sides has become more and more apparent.

Has anyone had a facelift years ago and had facial swelling persist only on one side?

Unfortunately I do not know anybody in Austin. I agree with you fat transfer will do fill and balance the face. But you need someone with experience and artestry
I think this is a permanent asymetry. This is not swelling after 2 years.Could be scar due to prevous hematoma. If this bothers you then you may need another surgery if you are willing to undergo another surgery. It will be interesting to review your pictures before the surgery and after the surgery to see if you had some asymetry prior to surgery. I always ask for preop pictures to evaluate
Thank you Dr. Shureih, I think you are right about it maybe being a scarred hematoma. My face was not asymetric before the procedure. I am wondering if maybe a fat transfer on the less swollen side might makes things look a bit more balanced and not be as invasive as another surgery? Also do you have any suggestions for someone to see in the Austin or Temple Texas area for a consultation about this? I do not want to see the surgeon who did the surgery(he is in Houston) Thank you for your help and suggestions. tecece

Since this last post I have seen another facial...

Since this last post I have seen another facial plastic surgeon and he has said that he does not think the asymmetry was caused by the prior surgery. I have to disagree since it was never there before that. The good news is that he has done some Sculptra treatments on me and it has helped a lot. I expect it to help even more since it improves with time. Overall I do not regret having my lower face done- I look fresher and well rested and happier overall!

Dr. Steven Hamilton on Fannin for anything related to face/neck.
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