Lumps on Side of Face After Neck and Cheek Lift.

I am happy with the procedure overall. The pain...

I am happy with the procedure overall. The pain was minimal and for the most part the healing has gone well with the exception of the ridge line on my cheek. I am very concerned that this will not go away.

I have a ridge line/lumps on my cheek after a neck and cheek lift 3 months ago. I have been told that this is the suture line and it will go away. How long does it typically take for this to heal properly?

Updated on Jan 31, 2010


I still have small lumps 1-1/2 years after have a lower face/neck lift, .
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I am an independent cosemetic consultant with no affiliation to any ps. I have also had a FL and can relate to a lot of comments here. Doing your research is so
Important as is having realistic expectations. Having said this you still maybe unhappy with your results. As I am. There is a fine line between natural and not tight enough. Be sure to discuss this with you ps surgeon,
I do private confidential consults, and follow- up coaching to help make your post-op journey more pleasant. You can contact me info@ or go to my website.
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Dear Nieve, The fat injected from my tummy into my face basically didn't last. I'm 15 months from my face lift "revision" and have jowls, ridges, numbness, neckbands and everything else. My neck and sides of my face are still sore. The ridges along the side of the face are from the O-type suture used in a MACs lift. That's why they run in a line. Because the suture is done in a line. I have that, too. As time passes the skin stretches and the injected fat thins so the ridges aren't as noticeable. One RealSelf doctor said it's possible to remove the sutures but I don't know if that means the tissue will fall. I also have lumps in front of my jowls which my ps said was "tissue healing" but another ps consult said it was fat infection that hardened to a marble. After 8 months I applied high frequency vibration because I couldn't stand it anymore, and it actually helped a lot. I also had the corset platysmaplasty because my ps only did the under chin neck tightening and didn't remove any skin into the neckline the first time and I looked like someone took an ice-cream scoop under my chin. It was soooo painful I had to wear my chin strap every night for 4 months and get worthless botox injections in my neck for $500 more! The problem with the extended platysmal work (sewing the band together at the midline) got that in my redo--- is that the turkey waddle is replaced by a fibrous band (under the skin) from the chin to the adam's apple. My ps consult said he stopped doing that procedure because he had trouble controlling that banding, also. The descending or visible submandibular glands are very, very common. It makes sense since everything descends with age and our loose and fatty necks normally cover it up. This surprised me more than anything else because I had never heard of it and surgery to suspend or remove the glands is too risky. I don't know the solution. Injecting fat into the face with skill and moderation doesn't last completely, maybe a little bit does. But I looked like a cabbage patch doll, lumpy and fat faced for a year. Consider that when you decide. I would love for a ps to give the honest and total truth but, maybe, you have to actually have the face lift done to understand. I'm angry at my ps, also. I'm going for a second eye surgery repair with another doc for damage he caused with the bleph he did. At this point I just want to forgive my original ps and get over the anger. I wouldn't let him touch me again. Have learned the questions to ask through RealSelf. Know to look for results in patients 1+ year out and not 6 weeks! Run away fast if asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Someone who misrepresents their skill once will do it again....Best wishes to you. Keep us posted!
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I am happy with the results overall and the follow-up care has been good.

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