Started Getting Eye Twitches After Canthopexy

I had canthopexy 2yrs back.I started getting...

i had canthopexy 2yrs back.I started getting twitches on my left eye. my surgeon explain my left eyes lower eyelid needed repairing as the whites were showing however the R eye was similar but he thought the left was worse. I explained the twitches. These twitches happen only with sudden movement like sneezing when he looked at me he said theres nothing wrong.

He preformed tarsal strip on my left eye with a upwards slang from the corner. its been 2.5 weeks now. my left eye is so different from my right eye. its so bad. my left eye is so small and has a different roundness to it and also im getting a bag under my left eye now... with different creases from the right. iM so upset i cant explain it. Im 29 years old, female. Also my twitching is worse. i get it to happen more frequently now with also my lips and cheeks sometimes ...! i dont understand what to do and whats causing it...IM soo sooooo upset.

Anyhow i still want to fix this problem, can anyone help? can anyone explain me whats happening and what can be the reason and i can do to fix it? I also came across something like contracture scar; it says this scar can effect the nerve and muscle. I have a scar on my left upper eyelid. can this be the reason for the twitchings? if so what can i do to fix it... honestly does anyone really think this problem can be fixed? im desperately searching and searching to fix this problem... one eye is smaller then the other and now with different creases and bags my half face is starting to look different to my eyes. and the twitchings! plssss anything?

whats happening to my face? can anybody help me please? and suggest anything to make it better?>
I am not sure, but one possibility is synkinesis. Google it and you'll find plenty of information. I have it going on under my right eye, cheek and lip which sustained nerve damage in a mid face lift procedure nearly 4 years ago. It encompasses twitching of my lower eye area and cheek muscles, as well as and involuntary raising of my right upper lip when I try and squint. I think it worsens when I'm fatigued. It occurs primarily when I lightly squint, which I often do to try and extinguish the awful feeling of "drag" on my lower right lid and improve the sagging appearance of it. I would venture to guess that it is too early for you to tell if it will be permanent. I think I have heard of many individuals experiencing it right after surgery when a gradual waning. And of course it could be a different problem entirely (hopefully). You could ask your doctor what he thinks about syskinesis being the cause. But I wouldn't put money on getting a straight answer if indeed it is. It comes from nerve trauma. I had to learn about this from a different doctor, and when I questioned my own surgeon about it he gave me a totally lame explanation (a lie), and of course told me it was temporary (it wasn't). Over time I am aware of it less and less, but if I'm looking in a mirror I can see it occurring even though I don't feel it happening. I hope it's something temporary for you nevertheless, just proper re-establishment of nerves or something.
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