You Get What You Pay For!!

There are a lot of poor plastic surgeons out there...

There are a lot of poor plastic surgeons out there so it's not surprising that some people were dissatisfied. A woman I know wanted to save money although she's pretty affluent. She went to a doctor who charged only $3500 and he made a mess of her eyes. I do not believe in economizing on one's face. Wearing cheaper underwear is a better strategy. I went to a highly regarded surgeon and I got my money's worth.

Some years later I confided to a couple of dermatologists that I had had my eyes done. They looked closely and said it was the best job they had ever seen. You get what you pay for. The fees I cited are "all-in", hospital, anesthesiologist, etc.


Sweetheart, I'm glad for you that you are afflent. I assure you I am no plant. My doctor does not need any publicity on this website. He already has world famous movie stars, leaders of society and members of royalty calling his office to make appointments. He's not waiting for you to call, believe me. You are correct that there are no guarantees but someone who has been in practice for a long time, has had a stellar list of patients including world class beauties such as Pamela Harriman and Catherine Deneuve, has received continual accolades from his peers and who also teaches is a good bet. So do your research. I'd love to hear whom you think is wonderful and on what basis.
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Wow !!! Randal...If you truly ran in those circles you would not be here arguing over K-mart vs who is in Castle Connelly. I am here because I.m in my 50's and never even had Botox done. I am now "researching" my possiblities. I have homes in several states and can "afford" your doctor. However I am a little more knowledged on how to research Physicians... I am not interested in the 5 star hotel for post op recovery. I travel with my own help and have my preferences of were I stay (if not in my own home(s) ). The one think I can say is seriously there are NO guaranteed outcomes whether you pay 3000.00 or 15000.00 Even a 15000.00 physician can have a bad day. Good example...I have a crown placed on a BACK molar by a Beverly Hills Dentist that was/is "Dentist to the Stars" The cost 12,000 (a 1500 proceedure) This taught me a very good lesson... price and location means nothing. That man has caused me more pain and agony and you know what ? He says what all the other hatched guys say. I see nothing wrong it looks beautiful...LOL It is getting replaced it was WAY to big for me and has caused me physical illness. I waited a long time because he and his staff told me that "It takes time" to get used to it...Yes it does until the statue of limitations runs out to sue. So you can best bet I am researching any work done to my face. I chimed in only because you appear to be more of a "plant" to drum business for this DR more so than a patient.
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If Dr. Aston is such a great doctor, how can the appearance of his wife, the famed Muffy Potter Aston, be explained? I have never seen a worse browlift or a more surgical appearance. Also, hate to burst your bubble about MEETH, but we are talking about the hospital that was fined by the state of New York for serious safety lapses, all under the stewardship of Dr. Aston. Perhaps the hospital cleaned up its act after the fines. New York opened an investigation on MEETH following the death of two patients, one of whom as Dr. Aston's patient. The malpractice suit against Dr. Aston was dismissed because the patient died while she was being anesthetized before Dr. Aston started the actual surgery, but as head of the plastic surgery department at MEETH, he was captain of the ship and should be held accountable for the safety lapses found by the state of New York.
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Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

There are a lof of tricks to plastic surgery. It's not like an appendectomy. Some doctors can do the operation but have no artistic sense and it shows aferwards.

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