Asian Eyelid Surgery - Prolonged Swelling After Double Eyelid Suture

I had a suture procedure for asian eyelids about...

I had a suture procedure for asian eyelids about two weeks ago. I thought the recovery would only take 7-10 days, but has taken much longer. After two weeks, both eyes are still swollen and one eye looks as swollen as the day of the surgery.

I iced the eye every 15 min for the first 3 days (excluding a few hours at night) and have applied a heat pack to my eyes for a couple of hours each day since day 4. I've been sleeping elevated since the operation and began taking over the counter motrin for the last 3 days.

Is there something wrong?


Hi, I did mine in Viet Nam, might be a problem of distance for you haha. I am pleased with my results, it was a very quick procedure. However, surgeons in Korea are amazing at eye surgery so maybe you might want to check there. The plane ticket to Korea and the cost of the surgery will be less than how much it costs in North America.
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thats awfully strange, I had mine done last Monday and it is perfect now. Go in for a check-up. Did you take all your prescribed meds properly and timely?
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Hello viieeett, I am looking for a doctor for suture eyelid surgery. May I ask who was your surgeon and are you pleased with your results?
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