Options for Under Eyes After Upper Eye Bleph ?

I recently had an upper eye bleph which...

I recently had an upper eye bleph which dramatically improved my appearance . My lids were so droopy that I didn't remember what it looked like to see the sky ...no kidding ! They were so bad that my insurance paid for upper lid surgery.

Now that they are done and I am able to see better , I am noticing that under my eyes look tired and sunken . Can you recommend some fillers or fat transfer that would be appropriate for me ? Do I need a lower lid bleph or can I get away with fillers for now ? Thanks !

Pros : This took years off of my face at 52 I...

Pros : This took years off of my face at 52 I can see an amazing difference in the before and after. I can see so much better not just up but left and right . I did not realize how little I was seeing ...it was like I had a baseball cap on for years but didn't realize it. I feel so good when I look in the mirror and see a younger image. I actually went to the eye doctor for latisse and he told me I needed this surgery! I had no idea how much I needed it until it was over and all of the swelling went away about 3 weeks later.

Cons : I really don't have any ...would do it again in a heartbeat.  It was very difficult ...I am a nurse and had to go back to work on Monday after surgery on the previous Thursday evening which only gave me 3 days to recover. I felt lousy and looked worse ! lol ..I bruised very badly and was really embarrassed ! 

Pros ~I can see again , I look way better than I...

Pros ~I can see again , I look way better than I had pre-op and am having fun applying shadows where I could not at all before , due to having no upper lid showing.

Cons~I wish there had been more skin removed from my lids, under eyes seem to look more hollow.

What can I do for under eyes now that upper lids...

What can I do for under eyes now that upper lids have been done ?

-- Updated on Jan 3, 2010:

It has been 4 months since my upper lid bleph and all is healed. However I notice that there is still a significant amount of skin that now folds over the incision line , more on the left eye than the right. Even when my eyes are closed there is skin that is covering the suture line. It shows the most at the outside corners where the suture line extends past my eye.
Would it be out of the question to ask my surgeon to do a scar revision and remove that excess skin ? Would I be required to pay for a whole new procedure? Of course I understand I would have to pay for local anesthesia , use of office etc but don't want to pay for a bleph .
My eyes are back to looking tired and droopy , although I can see better , I want them to look as best as they can .
I feel embarrassed to ask my doctor but I really want the incision line to be fixed. Would love to hear input on this ...thanks !

Its been 3 years since I have had my upper bleph...

Its been 3 years since I have had my upper bleph and I am still pleased ...,however its time to do something about my lower lids and some fillers in other areas.
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My doctor was awesome. I think because he is an eye surgeon and performed many visual tests my insurance company paid for my surgery. Probably they would not have done so if I had gone for only cosmetic reasons but I'm not sure ...just make sure if you need this surgery to ask your plastic surgeon to send you for visual field exams.

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I realize this is dated, however if by chance you or anyone sees this with the knowledge... how is it you paid only $200 for your procedure? It looks great!
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Gee thanks, lol :p I have been thinking the same , however was wondering if injections into the tear trough may work ...its really not that bad ? I don't normally have huge bags under my eyes , could be swelling in this photo from the upper lid bleph. Seems like all of a sudden my face is falling ! Not to mention the body. There seriously should be a menopause makeover , not just the mommy makeover.
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Looking at your photos, you have a small need for a lower lid bleph. I would have an ophthalmic plastic surgeon take a look at it and see what they think.
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Thanks so much M for the sweet compliment :) ! I actually feel so much better having had my eyes done. I didn't realize HOW tired and old I looked until after. I look at pictures from before the surgery and I am blown away that a 30 minute surgical procedure could take 10 years from my face. I don't know why I waited so long. I would do it again in a second. Good luck and DO keep me posted. Kat
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No , I am not in Toms River , I live in Manasquan. Dr Berg has an office in Brick and one in Asbury Park (Ocean Township really). You can visit him in his Brick office but all of the testing to see if your vision is impared is done in the Asbury Pk office as well as the surgery, so you may just want to make your appt there. Remember there are no bells and whistles , lol ..you are awake with local anesthesia but I did just fine. I love what he did and being an ocular surgeon he was able to get it through my insurance. Let me know how you make out ! Kat :)
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Thank you Kat! You look beautiful! I will let you know what I decide to do and when!! M
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Can you tell me your doctors name?.my zip is 08735 ,,im one digit off from you, r u in toms river?
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Hi Kat I have a question....did you have to get a referral to get this surgery approved by your insurance? My mom had this same surgery done when she was in her 50s and I remember it was covered. I have inherited her droopy and somewhat assymetrical lazy eye. I want to know how to go about getting this covered. Thanks! Lauri
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Hi Laurie , No , I did not get a referral. I just went to Dr Berg and his office took care of it all ...first they do all of the visual testing to see if it is warranted but in my case he did not think it would be a problem. ....they did say that if the insurance did decide to not cover it that I would be responsible but he only charges $1800 for an upper eyelid surgery. He may have given me a professional courtesy because I am a nurse who worked with him at the hospital for many years , but still he IS reasonable maybe because he is not a plastic surgeon but an eye surgeon. There are no bells and whistles , your surgery is done in office , with no anesthesia , but who needs bells and whistles to get 10 years knocked off of your face right ? :) Happy New Year ! Kat
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Hi ... My doctor is located in Monmouth County ...he has offices in Asbury and also in Brick ..that is Ocean County ....however he is not a plastic surgeon he is an ocular (eye surgeon) . Lower eyes will not be covered under your insurance ..only upper IF they are obstructing your vision. I am so surprised that at your age you have bags ....you may want to have your thyroid checked and also make sure you are keeping your body hydrated ....I hate water more than anyone I know but it does make a huge difference in our eyes ....Kat
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hi, where in new jersey is your doctor located? I wish to look for him. I was desperately looking for someone to do my bags. I am 26 yrs old and I hate having these bags. Email me plz

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I think you look great too! It's funny how if you get one thing "fixed" that was really bothering you, then you start to fixate on other things after the first thing is resolved. The only thing I would think if you feel you look hollow underneath your eyes is Restalyne (Sp?) or another filler. My doctor may do that with me after we see how my eyelid surgery goes (in less than two weeks).
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Hi Ann ! I was wondering how your surgery went ? I am anxious to hear ! Your so right ....lol ..about fixing something else ...I actually went back for my post op check and had a little botox injected into my forehead lines ...OMG ...I LOVE it ! I was very disappointed after I left because I didn't see any difference ...but it takes about 3 days to totally paralyze those muscles and by the third day I could not frown if my life depended upon it ...my son stopped by the other night and I was trying to get mad with him ...we laughed so hard ...he said "Mom its kind of hard to take you seriously because you just look so pleasant" ! What fun ! Please let me know how your surgery went and do post some photos ! KAT :)
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Kat: hi! I had my surgery several days ago and posted under blepharoplasty...take a look. I'm really freaking out about the area under my eyes where the doctor used the CO2 Laser, but I know that it was supposed to be bad. The doctor warned me. I am supposed to go back to work on Monday (six days after surgery) and am hoping not to look too awful. I told alot of people at my office I was doing this it should not be a shock. RE: your comments about Botox, I have had it several times as well and like it but I think a little goes a long way! Ann
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Oh I can't wait to go look Ann ! I bet you look super ! Doesn't it seem bright out there ? lol ...my lids were covering the SKY ! I had to go back to work 3 days after my surgery and I looked a MESS ...but in my nursing position I could not take any more time off ! Don't worry about it , when all is done your coworkers will be telling you how fantastic you look ... I still wake up with slight swelling a month out but I ice my eyes and the swelling goes away. I also used Arnica cream and do think it helps with the bruising if you have any. I think some of that swelling could be due to the latisse ? I agree with you on the botox ..I only want to use a little bit. When I frown now I feel like I am making a really funny face ....giggle
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Thanks Minnie :) Your post was so nice! I appreciate it. I DO feel that I look so much better but it seems that I have a hollowness under my eyes that I did not have before. I only had the upper lids done ...omg they were actually resting on my lash line so badly that it was causing my lashes to stop growing and I had blank spots all through them. The surgery and Latisse has fixed the upper eyes , but I can't seem to get rid of that hollow under eye and I have always had a tendency to have dark skin under my eyes so it looks. So without makeup it looks as if I have black eyes and with it I look like a racoon. If I could find a good eye cream and coverup than I agree and would not do another thing. Kat :)
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I think you look great, and you looked good before (can't really see the bags in the photo because of your glasses I guess). I had uppers and lowers done because of bags and sagging skin and I am pleased with the results, though they are not as dramatic as yours seems to be - my upper bone structure is different. If I were you, I would not do anything more.I do not think you should risk doing something that actually might make everything worse. You look great and I doubt that you have let enough time pass.
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