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My treatment so far looks okay. I need to be...

My treatment so far looks okay. I need to be patient. The operation itself wasn't painful, and neither is the recovery. The Dr. did have me take an over the counter herb that really stoped the brusing.

I had lower eyelid surgery done 3 weeks ago. My left eye waters (like I am crying) all of the time, and it looks like the disovling stiches are still there. The Dr. says they will disolve, but how long does it take, and will my eye stop driping?
Follow up with your plastic surgeon.In general the eye irritation is not uncommon but you need to see him to exclude other physical irritation causes. Sutures will dissolve very soon.Best of luck!

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Based on that, it sounds like your symptoms should be dissipating any day now. Do you have any follow-ups scheduled with your doc?

I have an appt. with the Dr. on Tuesday. I think that most of the stiches are gone, but not all(tomorrow it will be 5 weeks since it was done). There is still some brusing under my eyes that you can see in a certain light. I also am wondering how long the scars on the outside of my eyes will look. Thank you for your help.
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At this point I am still worried about the outcome, so I would not recommend him right now.

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