Blepharoplasty on Both Eyelids & Levator Repair on Drooping Eyelid

I recently had blepharoplasty surgery done on both...

I recently had blepharoplasty surgery done on both eyelids and levator repair on just my drooping left eyelid on October 1, 2009.

It is now October 14, 2009, I am 2 weeks post op and still have a drooping left eyelid. There is still some swelling mostly in the mornings but by mid-day my eye looks mainly like it did before surgery. At my 1 week post op appt I explained my concerns to my ps that I was afraid the surgery didn't work. She then told me there was no way it did not work because she attached what little bit of levator muscle I had to the tendon under my brow (not sure if I'm explaining this correctly) but nevertheless she calmed my fears. But now I am very depressed because I really feel like I'm going to end up looking like I did before after paying $3100 and waiting through the healing period (which seems like forever when you are walking around with one swollen eyelid looking worse than before).

I must say that if my end result is going to look like before surgery then I will not be satisfied. If my ps would have explained to me that the surgery may not work I could have expected this atleast but she never once said it was a possibility even after me bringing it up to her.

Hi! You basically posted a concern that I am going thorugh right now. I am 2 weeks post op and feel as if I see no results, my eyelid droops moreso now! I had the same procedure as you did. PLEASE email me an update on your results, have they improved? Thank you so much!!!
I'm so glad I posted this then but I need to update it...Don't worry, I voiced my concerns with my ps and she said there was absolutely no way my eyelid would still droop and she was right...thank goodness...By the 4th week I could really see a BIG difference and I actually measured from the bottom of the top eyelid to the bottom and both eyes measured exactly the same...My left eyelid is still a little swollen so it gives the illusion of it looking different than my other eyelid but it no longer droops...I truly believe when the ps says you have to give it 3 mos they really know what they are talking about...I will take a couple of more pics and post them so you can see...Just be patient, I know it's hard but the end result will make you happy...Like I said it's been two months now for me and the swelling is still there mostly in the mornings...Good luck, do you have any pics?
Did it improve as time went by since your post?

My question is if I look close to normal now and...

My question is if I look close to normal now and it is only 2 weeks does that mean my levator repair surgery did not work OR will my eyelid really change that much after the 2 week point. I really don't understand how it did not work..Can someone please explain to me...I have been searching all over the internet for before and after post op photos at the 2 week, 3 week and 6 week point but cannot find any to compare my eyelid too....PLEASE HELP!!!
Thank you but I look totally different now..I deleted that profile pic because now they both look the same. I'm completely healed, it's been two years and am very happy with the procedure so I would recommend it for anyone. I will post new pics soon!
Looks amazing! I need to have this done, too. I had upper bleph a week ago, still waiting to see the final result of that. Once I'm healed, I may go this route to finish the job.
day 6 . the bottom of one eyeslid still little red and puffy..the scar feel harden that the other one it seem like didn't heal the same way.. will that go way with time ?

I am beginning to have some dough of the out come .

please is someone out there can help me and give me some comment and feed back ?

please help...

not well prepare person
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As of right now I would because she seemed very knowledgeable and was very compassionate.

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