Unhappy - Doctor Pushed Evolence over Juvederm

Pros - Saw immediate results. Really liked the...

Pros - Saw immediate results. Really liked the results for a full 24 hours - I now know it was due to swelling.

Cons - All the fillers are priced the same with my doctor whom I trust. Now reading that massaging should be done immediately after injecting - well, didn't happen with me. I now have lumps - not too noticeable, but they are for whatever reason white, more noticeable with makeup.

I'm glad I'm not in a choir, with vocals I would like I had a worm in my face.

Major con - I didn't have marienette lines prior to Evolence - now, due to the lumps at both sides of my mouth opening - I sure have them now. When I'm in certain light, most light that may cast a shadow, one would never guess I've had any kind of filler.

I feel there is a major doctor incentive out there right now, Evolence, my doctor REALLY pushed (I wanted Juvaderm) - looking at the results - I question if he even knew what he was doing. I had a syringe that after application - there was actually some product left - my face looking at it now could have used it - goodness me. I paid for it - hello!!! My $50 incentive - shame on me. Lumps for $50 - cool.

How do you question your doctor about possible techniques not used when giving Evolence. I have lumps, doesn't really look like I've had a filler (except for my new marienette lines due to lumps) - I didn't have any kind of massage with injection, told not to touch my face for 6 hours. There was actually substance left in the syringe (that I paid for) that my lines could have definitely used. How do I approach this topic?

Edit:  Do not waste your money, in three days...

Edit:  Do not waste your money, in three days it will be one month since injected.  The evolence is gone - still have a touch of "worm" look - something my dentist noticed, she thought I had hives - and hey, I went with the allergic reaction!  Yep, those darn hives!!  So much for 6 months to a year!!!  And yes, my doctor is board certified.  Well, my old doctor I should say. 

I seriously do NOT recommend - I would never spend $600 for a few days of good and then nothing.  And the good was from the swelling.   Such a waste of money it makes my stomache turn. 

I've found a new PS, and he does not use Evolence - he said he is happy with the filler that has given his clients great results time and time again.  I wish I would have never been pushed to do Evolence.   Do not bother with this product.  The $50 rebate will never make up for the other $550. 

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Nice guy, but I didn't like being pushed toward a product that didn't give results. I wanted Juvaderm, why he wanted Evolence - beyond me.

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Evolence is a very hard product. Collagen is bumpy which is why it has to be injected deeper into the skin and therefore it may take more syringes. You have the white bumps because he injected you too superficially. In other words he used the same technique that he uses to inject Juvederm. And yes most of us do have a line that can be filled in with that tiny bit that's left in the syringe.
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