Elevess in Lips

I went it to follow up on a Juvederm injection I...

I went it to follow up on a Juvederm injection I had in my upper lip for the fine lines for months ago. It was suppose to last up to a year, but clearly did not. The nurse told me about the Elevess product and that it was great and much less expensive, but only lasted 4 months or so.

I asked were there any other concerns with the product as I did not want to use the wrong product just because it was less expensive and she assured me it was a great product.

Well within 4 hours my lips were so swollen I could not leave the house and they still are today. I wished I had read this first, but I was not planning on using this product.

I am praying that I am not another casualty of this product. So far I have missed two days of work and am worried about how long this will continue. I can't leave the house without looking like a freak.

Aren't Elevess and Evolence different products?
The correct spelling is E V O L E N C E.
Elevess and Evolence are different products, doc.

Photo Update

Yes, still have some lumps, but getting smaller. Had a flare up about a month and a half ago...but right now it seems ok.
Good news!
Any improvement now, Lynn?
Name not provided

No their fault. They say this is the first problem they have had with this product.

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