Electrolysis in Sydney Australia gave amazing perfect results!

With my electrologist who is very experienced -...

with my electrologist who is very experienced - the hair removal is forever unlike laser which you have to keep gettig re-done as it only reduces hair growth. my understanding is that the FDA only acknowledges electrolysis as the ONLY permanent method of hair removal & i'd have to agree. while laser does give good results you have to go time after time and it is very expensive, too expensive for the results not to be permanent!!!!

ENTER ELECTROLYSIS - this on the other hand has changed my life, got rid of my hormonal hair on face, when NOTHING else would work (even laser). the pain is very minimal because this practitioner is a PROFESSIONAL! this is her career alone - purely electrolysis she is not just some inexperienced beautician!

anyway i am SO happy with it im gonna get the rest of my body done because it is so worth it! think about it, its permanent! thats amazing value less than $200 for 2 hours when you think of it!! also she uses the original galvanic system which is much more effective then blend or thermolysis. it is multi probe and quick, and doesnt matter which stage of the hair growth cycle you are in! her practice is one of the best things ive discovered in my life! thank god and end to all my hair at last!!! :) cost: approx $190 for 2 hours for PERMANENT hair reduction. totally worth it!!

Hii, I would love to get the details for your electrolysis lady if thats okay with you?

I've been on LASER for more than an year, totally hopeless, pretty much made marks on my face.

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As an Italian girl this does sound fantastic. I keep telling my mother I want to do this, and see it really does work. I have heard it's super painful though, but on the other hand I can't imagine it's much more painful than a tattoo. 

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People have asked for my provider - name: jean raymond

People have asked for my provider - name: jean raymond
thanks for the contact info, will get in touch with her but electrolysis is not as permanent as people make it sound. I have had extensive laser and lots of electrolysis. Laser was permanent in the sense that the hairs that it did work on .. it worked on! And there were some hairs it did not work on (I have very thick black body hair and fair skin - so a good candidate for laser). Over time, some of it has grown back (over 15 years). I have used electrolysis to treat white hairs on my chest. Same as laser, it works for the hair it works on and some hairs it does not work on. Just have to keep going back. It is painful and a slow process but since I am treating the white hairs, I can't do laser so electrolysis is my only VERY expensive option. It is making a different slowly but again, laser was much better option in my experience. A lot of it depends on which laser the centre has and what settings they use. Some use a very low setting first few times and work their way up to higher settings at which point laser treatment is more likely to be permanent. Some take this approach for safety's sake (they dont want to burn your skin so have to slowly find what your skin's threshold for burns is) others do it to make more money - forcing you to come back for more and more sessions.
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I have provided the details its jean raymond electrolysis. Dont get me wrong I have had great results with long term laser, for areas like underarms etc. HOWEVER anyone trying to deal with hormonal hair, eg course hair along the chin line or neck area... laser is not going to work for you ultimately. I say if like me you have been treating an area with laser and its not responding or you have sparse really course hairs (like eyebro hairs) growing in places that they shouldnt like on your face, breasts etc, then get electrolysis.

Honestly its not painless, however different people have different thresholds. I would say its about as painful as older versions of laser eg IPL, definately not as painful as a tattoo, having said that galvanic can get a bit stingy... what I do is take some pain killers with codeine before hand, and that way I usually experience no pain at all. I just chat away.

Jean Raymond in Hunter Hills

she is the best in the business - and unlike many others uses galvanic multi probe, not blend or thermolysis which are inferior.

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