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Dysport....NEVER Again!! (Forehead, Under Eyes) Wish I Hadn't Switched from Botox

I had Dysport injections on August 11, 2009 and...

I had Dysport injections on August 11, 2009 and here I sit with a droopy left eye, frozen forehead, hollows under my eyes, and new wrinkles forming under my eyes from the drop in my cheeks. Yep, not exaggerating. It's been a rough ride, no doubt.

The one positive of Dysport is the fast onset. My forehead was smooth and no movement was visible 2 days after injections. On day 4, that evening, I began to notice that my left eyelid was drooping a little. Upon waking up on Sunday morning, I was a sad sight (no pun intended)! As we all read ptosis (eyelid droop) is a side effect and usually corrects within 2-4 weeks....well, I am nearing 5 weeks, and I still have ol' droopy with me.

For those of you who are going through this, I can say, it will get better. The lid began to raise a bit at week 4. However, lots happened prior....

My injector, who is a leading plastic surgeon in my area, advised me to use the Iopidine eye drops and to take a Z-pak to counter the toxin's effects. I took not only 1, not 2, but 3 Z-paks over the past weeks. Yes, 3. (The iopidine did seem to raise my lid, but very very little. Keep in mind though, it was almost completely shut though.) So, after seeing miniscule results from the Z-pak, I was then switched to Biaxin as it might be more effective...mistake for me. I then had an allergic reaction to Biaxin. Oh the joy. At that point in time, I had a red, raised, bumpy rash over my face and seeming to move down the trunk of my body, along with my nearly closed eye, frozen face, let's not forget. What a sight I was. I obviously stopped the Biaxin and Z-pak. I think my poor body was rejecting it all.

Let me also tell you that this was not my first Botox type exp. I have had Botox from another provider with zero probs. It was however my first Dysport experience. Also, for whatever reason, I tend to metabolize it quickly....or have done so in the past. I sure am hoping to burn through the Dysport!! Fingers crossed as I'm sick of this.

So, getting back to the drama, I was then nearing my 3rd final week at the time, and I noticed it was getting worse. My eyelid was swelling. The swelling began 2 days prior to a big trip.....needless to say, I didn't go. Off to my eye doctor I went, finally!! I looked so bad he said, "I didn't know it was Halloween already??!!".....haha. He immediately pulled me off all meds and drops. He couldn't figure it out. Was it a secondary infection?? Who knows. He even suggested it was possibly an insect bite. What luck!! I was then given Augmentin and it worked on the infection...didn't raise the lid of course. Dangit! I did follow up with him 1 week later and he then prescribed me Brimonidine. According to him, Iopidine has many negative side effects. Brimonidine seems to be working....thank goodness!

As you can imagine, it's been a loooooong 5 weeks....6 weeks from the actual injection, and 5 weeks with an eyelid droop. Currently, my lid is droopy, however, I can see finally! Also, when my eye is relaxed, it doesn't cover up my pupil, as it once did. I know progress is being made daily. Bring the sunglass and hat free days!!!!!!!!!!!

I sure am hoping to return to normal, SOON. How much longer will this last???!!!! Who knows.

For any of you experiencing this, it's difficult, both physically and mentally. My saving grace was exercise daily. It's sounds so cliche, but it completely helped me deal with this all. If anyone else has had negative effects from Dysport, I'd love to hear from you....and hang in there if so. I'll keep you posted on my poor eye, frozen face, and droopy cheeks. I have missed a lot the over past month....trips, photo shoots, and other social events.....but I know deep down I'll be back!! : ) I'm ready for wrinkles and a my big smile to appear!!!

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I truly believe that my physician is not at fault. Dysport, being a new product, and the reconstitution is different from Botox, the learning curve is high. Please just be cautious....and if Botox works for you, then why swtich??? I sure wish I had not.

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I got the injection, and now i have blurred vision and double vision! I am so scared, and i havent left the house for 5 days. I cant drive anywhere, does anyone know if this will pass?
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Hi, I"M Sorry To Hear About All Your Problems .. I Am 84 Years Old And I Had My First Dysport Injections Ever, 5 Days Ago, And Never Again !! .. My Plastic Surgeon Here In Boca Raton, Fla Put It In My Forehead, The Creases Outside My Eyes, Between My Eyebrows, And Above My Eyebrows .. My Forehead Looks Smooth, The Creases Outside My Eyes Are Still There, But Faintly, The Crease Between My Eyebrows (Frown Lines) Are Still There, But Faintly, The Creases Above My Left Eye Brow Is Still There, But Faintly, The Creases Above My Right Eye Brow Is Gone But !!! My Eyelid Has Drooped Badly .. I Called My Plastic Surgeon And He Wants To See Me Right Away, So I Will See Him In The Morning, But !! I Will Not Let Him Inject Me With Anything, I'll Just Wait It Out Myself, Until This Dysport Wears Off, Which I Have Read, It Takes About 4 To 6 Months, And Just Pray That My Eye Lid Will Go Back To Normal .. My First Experience Has Taught Me To Not Fool Around With Mother Nature, I'm Through With This .. "Never Again " For Me, Anyway !!!

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Did you ever recover, btru2life?
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Hi Blue2, I'm so sorry for what you're going through with dysport. Hopefully, it will wear off for you. It's so hard to know. Hopefully, it hasn't caused you nerve damage or to your glands. And with dry eyes/ vision impairment. I lost all tearing ability, which then had caused terrible eye infections, etc. I got so sick as it progressed with spreading into my lungs & causing pneumonia, & diagnosed with emphysema. I don't smoke. I don't want to make you feel worse or to scare you more than you already are.
My experience too was a first & also very horrible which had caused me permanent injury. Did you research on it & talk to your doctor about possible side effects? I ask this because dysport has been on the market for awhile now in the U.S. since 2009, as the FDA then approved for it to be used, but only with a black box warning. Not all doctors are making known to the patients about this warning & with the reports of serious side effects. I had my experience shortly after it was FDA approved in 2009, just a few months later as a Christmas gift to myself & was not informed by my doctor, nor was made aware of the black box warning. It nearly killed me.

Good luck & God Bless. I hope you get better, too.

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I'm so upset at how I look and it's effect on my self-esteem. This was my first experience using this product and I hate my reflection more than I ever did prior to getting this awful product injected under and above my eyes. People who know me to have a kind face and smile look twice at me when I smile because I look like someone else now; droopy eyelids, deeper wrinkles on cheeks because my lower eyelids are droopy, I can't stand looking and feeling so ugly. I miss my old face and I've learned my lesson-no more injections ever again. Sob :-(((
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Hi Jane,
I'm sorry for your experience. I'm not sure what I can tell you about how to deal with your side effects. D you do research prior to deciding on having the injections? I ask this because in 2009 when I had dysport there was hardly any information to worry about aginst dysport & the side effects. Infact, not until after my tewrrible experience & doing intensive research about it did I then start in finding terrible serious side effects. And like you, I put my trust into the reputable doctor/ nurse that gave me the injections. Interesting that you were given an antedote [eyedrops] from your doctor to help you. I wasn'nt even offered that to help me, nor had my doctor VanderVeer even call to see how I was doing. In anycase, do more research. Hopefully, it will improve for you. For myself, I had a horrific experience. I can't express enough to everyone considering to having these injections, that they're taking too much of a serious risk.
Good Luck & you're in my prayers
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I had Dysport 3days ago and now i have a slight droopy eyelid! I have spoke to my Dr today and she has proscribed me Iopidine drops. Reading all the emails I am worried that i may have a side effect. Is it better to just leave it and let it go on its own or will it get worse without the drops. I am a fully qualified beauty therapist and I need to look ok? Also I have 25yrs experience as a therapist and would never go to a Beautician to have Botox or Dysport. Everyone should only be going to a highly qualified Dr. Hoping my eyelid returns to normal soon. I was disappointed in the Restalyne treatment around my lip area as I see no change expecially on the left. Feel i wasted $1,140.00.......
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Hi Jayne, 

Someone in the forum posted about this very issue, you might want to check out the forum post. We'd also love to hear about your experience in a review. 



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Did it eventually go away?
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Thankyou :) & so sorry about your breast cancer. I hope your cancer is all gone. I can't say about wheather dysport had anything to do with it. In my case, the cancer was slow growing & in my eyes. Immediately, after the injections I then lost complete ability for tearing & then the infections with swelling was so crazy & non-stop. I'm doing so much better today. Looks wise & being cancer free. I'm not at all the same. I can't cry & probably never will have the ability to doing so again. I still have to depend on eye drops for tears with moisture. The no tears to have a good cry hurts more than anyone that is passionate can imagine. I use my eyes & need them, too, for my artwork & to be my emotional self :) I'm a digital artist. I hope I stay in remission, which is what I need to focus on. As well as legal matters to what I've been through. I hope no one goes through this, & to really re-consider if using dysport. And for other reasons of having a bad reaction, to consider about, too.
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I am so sorry for you, OMG you poor thing.
I had breast cancer this year, dont know if the Dysport had anything to do with it at all but know I will never touch that or botox ever again. I like the way I look, wrinkles and cancer free.
I am praying for you hun, I really am. (((HUGS)))
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Well, I'm again reposting my experience. I'm trying to find a lawyer for legal help. My life means much more than what I've experienced. And un-necessarily because I'm a passionate person about safety. I won't put anything into my body unless qualified practioners give me reasonable precautions. My nurse was so re-assuring, the reviews in 2009 was all positive. I could not find anything to sway me away from having a minimum of the dysport for a fresh look. Wow! I have Malt lymphoma cancere in my lacrimal gland/tearducts. I had also 8 months later caught a double severe pneumonia. My blood pressure has been going up & I've never had this problem. Someone with a lawyer please help me. And my best of luck to everyone :)

I chose to have the minimum amount of Dysport injections to mildly decrease frown line in forehead and crows feet. I chose the minimum because I don't like the superficial frozen look. I also wanted to be cautious & to see what amount would be for suffice for a fresh look.
I have zero tears, I can't cry; I had extreme swelling, eye infections, My eyes were so dry that they looked like a sandblaster had been shot into my right eye. I had double vision & blurred vision to where light & air hurt so painfully bad. I was literally needing to stay asleep because my eyes stayed so swollen & heavily shutting closed, floaters in left eye, extreme fatigue, depression; I became mentally unstable, shutting down & fearful. Very withdrawn. I have cancer in my eyes. Before the biopsies, the lymphoma had branched out into my right corner of my eye causing my eye to bleed. My eye was bulging out of it's socket with so much pain. I was totally helpless. Today, I still have that feeling & depression. I can't cry. I constantly need eyed drops & dealing with malt in my eyes from severiety of zero tears.
I've always have been very athletic & also dedicated to vitamine supplements, B 12, Spirulina, Omega 3's, Green tea, Coenzyme Q10, Blackseed, Acai berry, Milk thistle, L-Carnatine, L-Cysteine, SomnaSlim for sleep, Macca root for libidio. Estradiol, Vicodine occassionally for neck & spine, sometimes flexaril with SomnaSlim @ night to help for sleep.
I've never had or even considered to having botox or dysport injections before. Yet, decided to try the dysport as it was reported as being very safe. Prior to my Christmas present to myself, I did extensive research on the product which I was excited to go ahead with. I had just the very minimum injections in my forehead & crows feet area. Within the next few days, my eyes swoll up and I lost my total ability for tears. I was terrified. Quinby, the nurse that gave me the dysport was friendly and supportive before giving me the injections. She explained how safe that it was and that she herself had her full face and even the neck area injected. It also started snowing and was during the holidays, so I just tried to wait it out because also the nurse and Dr. VanderVeer assured me that it would be only temporary. I was traumatized and waited in a frozen state, I think just a few weeks, before going to the eye doctors. The swelling had changed, and I also had literally no sign of wrinkles frozen [naturally]. Which was my only goal for injections. I'm a crier, and I can't cry at all, whatsoever! Anyway, I started getting infections in my eyes. My right eye especially, felt like a sandblaster had been shot into it. I suffered terribly, beyound comprehension. In April 2011 after also healing from a severe double pneumonia in 8/2010 [which I had never in my life have ever had] continued to worsen into my eyes. The infections crystaling from my lacrimal glands into my tearducts. So painful, for over a year & a half. I had to suggest to my opthamologist that I needed an MRI. The growth in my right eye was branching out, cutting into my eyeball & causing it to bleed. I could only sleep most of the time as my swollen infected eyes were forcibly closed. I could hardly care for myself & little dog. And was also going to college [online] I could no longer go. My eyes were worsening & especially to the light & air. I'm a digital artist, too & could no longer have the pleasure in that. Which I now have Malt lowgrade lymphoma cancer in the both of my tearducts.
I was diagnosed April 2011. In May 2011 I had success with chemo of Rituxan treaments. It was the worst experience of my entire life. I couldn't cry and the continued journey of what I'm still experiencing, is unexplainabley difficult. I'm a passionate person, & it's difficult to getting through all of this. I'm in remission, but the thing is that this cancer is suppose to be incureable. It was either the dysport or the nurse that gave me the injections. My guess and also my oncologists last words were to not get dysport injections again. I still have zero tears. My vision is really bad, I have floaters in my lefy eye, I still get the malt in my eyes. I go through about $45.00 to $60.00 on preservative free eyedrops for tears & have been now since 12/09. My only salvation that helps is I recently started wearing part time the Aqua Day & Night contact lenses. Please help me. I need to take legal matters against either Dysport, the FDA, or the nurse for doing this to me. My life is much more valuable than a report for what I trusted to be safe & only a temporary experience, if any. Iwas a competative person in all areas of my life. I had also been going to school [college]. And then I never expected whatsoever that I would have any problem with these reported as being safe injections. Last summer 8/18/2010, I also got severly sick with very high fever & had exrays w/catscans of having severe double pneumonia. I've never had pneumonia in my life. My lungs was diagnosed as looking like someone had worked around asbestos. I was a runner & very active in aerobics. My breathing was always strong. I have problems to this day with breathing & hoarseness. In my early teens I did have bronchitus a few times.
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It is 7 months post injection for me and I still feel like I am going to drop over and die! Horrible creepy sensations, dizziness, chest discomfort, visual disturbances, still having trouble breathing (I do not have asthma or COPD) just awful and I don't know if I will ever recover and now I am worried about my fertility as I wish to have another child and I am already 36 but afraid to get pregnant as new research is showing severe birth defects related to Dysport, not that I could even carry a child in this condition! My life is still on hold and I feel awful every day :(
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I wish I read the posts, reviews, and comments prior to my Dec 2010 appointment. I had Dysport injected 4x across my forehead. I have never had any fillers, or Botox done in the past. I guess, you can say I'm a first timer/newbie to all this and it's probably going to be my last. I have had serious headaches in the past weeks, and everyone says that I always look upset. I can only raise my left eyebrow, and I'm going on 8-weeks post-injection. I do hope that it wears off in 10-12 weeks (a few weeks from now). I did call the Dr who did the procedure, spoke to the nurse and she said she felt the same when she had her Dysport done, but it should wear off after a few weeks. During the winter season, I feel like my forehead is frozen stiff when it's below 40 degrees at night. Can someone please explain if it wears off completely? And do you return fully back to normal, or there's a slight chance of paralysis that may still exist?
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If you think the comments are scary try having an adverse reaction to one of these injections! I am more than 5 months post injection, still having trouble breathing, terrible vertigo, insomnia, awful debilitating anxiety, inability to function for more than a few hours a day which is a big improvement from spending the first 5 weeks on the couch unable to drive or work thinking I was going to die. I still feel awful, total body weakness, exhausted all the time, brain fogged etc. Just awful, I would say grow old gracefully, this experience has taught me that. I will never again inject myself with poison to look better. Never had a problem with botox or fillers before but dysport has ruined my life and I just pray that one day I will be normal again because as of now the future's not looking to bright. Best of luck with what ever it is that you are researching, I can only hope that you stay away from dysport although it is supposed to be safe, keep reading and make sure you are well informed before doing anything to imporove your appearance.
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I'm confused. I just watched a plastic surgeon give a lecture about Dysport and Botox, etc. and she says she never uses it below the forehead because it can impair those muscles too much. She uses Restalyne or Perlane for the rest of the face including crows feet. I didn't know they did Botox of Dysport on cheeks.
The comments on here about Dysport are scary!
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I posted a reply on up the other day. I haven't had any facial problems, but ones of balance, fatigue, horrible mouth taste, leg heaviness, blurred vision, loss of coordination, and have fallen a couple of times. After seeing 6 neurologists and having them tell me nothing was wrong and the dermatologist who injected me telling me it wasn't the dysport, there had never been anything like that reported from the small amount I had in my forehead, I thought I was crazy. Today, I called the FDA amd the Poison hotline. The FDA was very calm in telling me that my experiences were ones they had many complaints of and I needed to get my Dr to evaluate me and treat me. I called my pcp and the neurologists at OSU medical center and the Cleveland Clinic. No one even knew what dysport was and does NOT use it. My pcp called the FDA and talked to a Dr and got the info that they had a lot of complaints with my symptoms, and once you have the symptoms, there is nothing you can do except wait it out...up to 15 months from initial usage. Unbelieveable. I should have been given the info on this drug before use and the dermatologist lied when she told me the FDA had no record of any other complaints like mine. If you live in Westerville, Ohio and want to have botox or dysport, stay away from a dermatology center there!!!
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Hello! I'm sick from botox, not dysport, but it's been almost 90 days for me and I'm still sick....wow, I did not know this could take up to 15 months? Did the FDA give you this information? Thank you!
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I am sick from botox going on 7 weeks, so I wouldn't agree it is safer than Dysport.....
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Everybody is different, I had been getting botox for many years and should have stuck with it, botox is a larger molicule and has less chance of spreading than the smaller molecule of the dysport, these injections are supposed to be safe and adverse affects are rare, just guess we are some of the unlucky ones. If you are sick from botox definitely DO NOT get dysport. Best of luck to you, keep your spirits up, that's pretty much all you can do to get through this nightmare!
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You should report your side effects/Adverse reactions to your provider and to the maker of dysport as well as the FDA. This is the only way to really be heard. Otherwise these big companies keep making money from their product while people suffer in silence. don't say oh well somene else will report it. If it's reported to the FDA over and over again they will look into the safety of it. Here is the information: report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS or product complaints, contact Ipsen at 1-877-DYSPOR1 (877-397-7671). You may also report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 or www.fda.gov/medwatch.
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Wow, I was going to have Dysport injected today (I have an appt) and am soooo glad that I read this. There are horror stories all over the internet about this product. I will stick with my Botox (although I have to admit I was excited about the pricing of Dysport). Are physician's being offered kickbacks to push this product? It seems like Dr's would prefer a product that doesn't spread...it would make it easier for them to control injections.
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The pricing is different but you need more. Basically, it ends up being the same price. Stick with the botox. Dysport is horrible!
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I had never had a problem with Dysport the last couple of years I used it but it only takes one time for someone to inject it wrong, or something you are taking to give you adverse effects, I am sorry but it could very well happen with botox too. I will never do either as I do not want to ever go into the depression I have felt over just being vain and trusting someone that is supposedly board certified that should know where not to inject botox or Dysport. It is a horrible feeling that lasts for months and months. Good luck to anyone that keeps traveling that road.
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how may weeks were you sick?
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