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Dysport Not Working on my Forehead

I had dysport in my forehead 6 days ago, and still...

I had dysport in my forehead 6 days ago, and still se no results. I previously had botox 4 or 5 times, and it started working in about 4 days. I hope something happens with the dysport soon. Anyone else experience no results?

I had Dysport 4 days ago and have barely seen any difference on forehead or crows-feet area. I was told it would be fully effective in 2 days. I've never had botox so I no comparison. I am so disappointed. I am 56 and never have spent money on "beauty" products/procedures. I've never had a facial and very few pedicures/manicures. I took money out of my meager savings to do this.
I had Dysport injenctions on my forehead and in the eye area where crowsfeet form....I have not seen any results at all. I've always gotten botox and I had exedllent results in a bout 4 days. I'm not real happy about this. Also, the Dysport injections were not cheaper than botox. I paid the same price.
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