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Dysport and Botox Together - Tight Head

Almost 2 weeks ago I had dysport for the first...

Almost 2 weeks ago I had dysport for the first time in my forehead and botox in my upper forehard and around my eyes.

The doctor did not tell me that they are usually not combined. I had a bad reaction when she injected the dysport with pain and swelling so I asked her to switch. Since then, my eyelids are swollen and my whole scalp is tight and tingly. I have chest tightness too and went to the ER but my heart seems fine. I am extremely nervous about the combination now.

I was looking fatigued and wanted a more youthful look. I probbaly just look more anxious as I am so freaked out by the symtoms. I had 50 units of dysport and I am not sure the amount of botox. Any advice would be really appreciated.

I am afraid of where it may have migrated or is this anxiety? Has anyone else experienced these side effects? or did both procedures at the same time?
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I was not given enough information about this

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WOW, I'm so glad to read this today!!! Apparently in my opinion, there are some serious side effects from Dysport how can these individuals have the similar side effects . What if you heart was already weak? Then what could happen to you? Who is willing to take that risk? I get migraines when I've used Botox, so I considered Dysport. But I had so much anxiety when I was at the clinic that after talking to the nice staff at the clinic we decided to that I would have a scratch test using Dysport! The scratch test they give you at the allergist, because I was so scared to just have them use Dysport in my body so they did a smallest injection of Dysport on behind my ear! But after reading this there is no way I will ever have try this I think Pellevue or brow lift might be safer.
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I have never had a patient personally with these reactions. The other thing is that sometimes things can be unrelated to the injection. A colleague of mine gave a patient a brow lift and 1 week later she developed breast cancer. Now..we all know she wouldve developed breast cancer regardless if she got the eyebrow lift or not but in her mind..the browlift gave her breast cancer. I had a patient who was playing catch with his son. During the catch, the football hit him in the chest. A couple days later he started coughing and a week after that went and saw his primary doctor who got a chest film and found he had lung cancer. In his mind he was convinced the football in the chest had something to do with it. However, all scientific evidence points to the opposite. As humans we seek a sentinel event when something happens. It is natural. There are no reports of dysport causing panic attacks or the like. Most likely it was coincidental. Combining botox with dysport is done by some practioners and works fine. There have been no reported adverse effects in the literature. Just something to keep in mind.
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Did your provider ask you about any allergies you might have to any of the components for botox and dysport? They should have reviewed this information and the new disclosure of side effects (as required by the FDA). ALthough the products are not any different the FDA recently changed the warnings on ALL BTX-A's and has required that all providers review the Safety and Medication Guide with ALL patients being traeted on EVERY visit.
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Mine never worked. I received Dysport in Septeber to rid of frown lines between my eyes and have yet to see results. All I have is nothing to show for - just deep frown lines and heaviness on my forehead.
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I had injections of Dysport about three weeks ago. I ended up in the ER twice. Here is my story: I had about 6 injections in my forehead and temples about an hour to two after this I experienced a numbing in the back of my throat along with my heart racing and a feeling like I was going to faint and couldn't catch my breath. I went to the ER and they couldn’t find anything “wrong” with me. I felt "OK" for about a week and a half after that but then experienced a pain in my right ear and throat. I thought it might have to do with my teeth so I went to the dentist - he found nothing. That same day I was sitting getting my hair done when all of a sudden my heart was racing out of my chest and I felt like I was going to pass out and die, honestly. An ambulance was called and I was rushed to the hospital. My heart rate was doubled and I needed to take some volume to come me down. I was released from the ER and told it was possibly and anxiety attack. I then went to my doctor a few days later. She explained to me that there was a chance I suffered from side effects from Dysport however she was not 100% sure. I can tell you I have NEVER felt this way in my whole life and it seemed right after I received my Dysport injections I felt this way. I am never going to Dysport again which is unfortunate because the results were great however it is not worth risking my health over a few lines in my forehead. Honestly it scared me to death I’m interested if anyone else has felt this way as well. Again, I am not 100% sure how I felt was from Dysport however I can tell you I was fine before and never experienced anything like I have been over the last few weeks since my injections. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else has experienced similar results as I have.
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Hi, it has been four long weeks since I got the dysport. I have been to a variety of doctors and still not sure what is wrong. Like you, I felt fine before I did this. It all started after I received the dysport. I now have constant chest and throat tightness and burning. I am having more tests taken tomorrow. I am not positive if it is from the dysport, but it is ironic that the symptoms started right after. Please let me know what the doctors have said to you. I am worried about any lasting effects. Do you have any tightness in your chest or feeling like there is something stuck in your throat or chest?
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I am going through a very similar experience right now after having Dysport and would caution anyone about to use this newly approved drug. I had injections done on my forehead, around my eyes and near my nose (for my lines on my lips). I have used Boxtox several times with NO side effects. I received the injections around 5:30 pm and did not lie down until 11pm. On Thursday, I felt a tingling sensation around my left lip and around my left side of my face. Initially I thought it was the dysport 'taking effect', but then I started to get concerned that I might be having a stroke as my face felt numb and my tongue wouldn't allow me to speak correctly. I went to my doctor and I didn't have any signs of a stroke or heart attack, it wasn't Bell's Palsy either as I could move my face, but the left side felt a little numb. She referred me to a neurologist who did a test on me and sent me for an MRI, nothing came back. I've had tingling and tightness in my head (especially my left side) and then as the weeks progressed, I felt tingling down my arms, feet. The MRI didn't show anything like MS and my doctor said it wouldn't have an 'onset' like I had experienced. I also have felt off-balance and this is all after I had these injections. I also went to ER and they didn't find anything wrong with me and thought it might be my body reacting to the dysport. I also experience a really late 'effect' of this drug. I saw the lines in my lips go away three weeks "after" the injections and would say that this drug has spreading effects. I also am experiencing anxiety after the injections too, racing heart , etc. I have NEVER had anything like this happen, I'm healthy. I'm in week four and can't wait for this drug to be out of my system, I heard it lasts longer. I will NEVER take this again and urge everyone to contact the FDA about their side effects. This is still a new drug.
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I have also had a horrible experience with dysport, thought I was having a stroke one night, went to the er couldn't find anything wrong with me other than missed and erratic heartbeats which dysport can cause, my symptoms are endless, numb and tingly from head to toe, feel paralyzed, head pressure, vertigo, ringing in ears, ear pressure, severe tightness in upper back, neck, and radiates up through my head, feel like I am suffocating, having a hard time swallowing, speaking, sometimes too weak to even talk, 4 visits to the er, 2 days in the hospital, many doctor visits later and still having this awful drug come over me in waves of severity, the sypmtoms are always there but seem to slam over me just when I think I am getting better and try to resume my normal every day routine. I honestly at times do not feel like I am going to survive this, I'm in week 10 and feeling very hopless, please send private messege if you wish to chat privately through phone or email, support is very important while going through this nightmare and i have no support and feel like I am going to experience sudden death from this awful drug! Anxiously waiting your reply. MissMissy
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Hi Miss Missy! I'm having such debilitating insomnia that no medication can cure and it seems to have coincided with this dysport injection. I've never had these issues before. How long was it before your symptoms went away? I'm scared that I might not make it.
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Hi Capital Heights,
First off sorry your sick. This is a response to your question. As you know I had a small scratch test behind my ear and was deathly sick for 48 hours . Today I feel much better but at times have a unsettled stomach.

This is what I came up all Naturopathic approches since I'm so sensitive and I'm not going to the doctors to get the run round Of course I think you should go to the doctor and see what they have to say...my experience has been they usually will say or it is just a coincidences because this product isn't supposed to do that, perhaps it is something else. Then they will send you to a specialist or send you home for rest with some over the counter medication.

The side effects I had were really something! I recall when I was sleeping my stomach was quesy and I felt sick and I couldn't sleep. First day I was sick I thought I was going to DIE! Not to scare you. My friend is an RN suggested Epsom Salt bath to pull the poison out of my system, I took two steamy Epsom Salt baths a day. I also took activated charcoal pills to absorb the poison , and I drank Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar ( the kind that is sold in health stores some supermarkets )two tablespoons in a glass of water every couple hours to cut the poison out my system anmd settle my stomach. I was deathly ill for 48 hours my stomach still feels a little quesy in the mornings but nothing like it was...so I can venture to guess that if you had a full injection/ treatment it might last longer with more intensity. If I had taken the full injection/treatment I would run to my Naturopathic Medicine doctor and tell him about Dysport and ask for chelation therapy asap. Okay this part might helps lots of people apparently Japanese researcher figured out that Black Tea Extract counteracts the effects of botulinum toxin so that might be the answer I did not try it but I researched it because that was going to be my next step.

Just a side note if you brew black tea for over 10 minutes it acts a sleepy agent just so you know.

I cut and pasted the possible side effect Dsyport here :

What is the most important information you should know about Dysport?

Spread of Toxin Effects: In some cases, the effects of Dysport and all botulinum toxin products may affect areas of the body away from the injection site. These effects can cause symptoms of a serious condition called botulism. Symptoms of botulism can happen hours to weeks after injection and may include swallowing and breathing problems, loss of strength and muscle weakness all over the body, double vision, blurred vision and drooping eyelids, hoarseness or change or loss of voice, trouble saying words clearly, or loss of bladder control. Swallowing and breathing problems can be life threatening and there have been reports of death.

The risk of symptoms is probably greatest in children and adults treated for muscle spasms, particularly in those patients who have underlying medical conditions that could make these symptoms more likely.

I sure hope this information helps some people. And if think people should proceed with great caution regarding Dysport and it not worth taking the chance with your life.
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Thank you, Sophie. I ordered black tea extract after reading your response. It should be arriving today. Hopefully, it will help. I really appreciate your detailed response. I hope that everyone suffering from the effects of this horrible drug realizes that they're not alone and they're not crazy and they WILL get better with time. Don't lose hope!
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