Dot Smartxide Laser on Face, Neck and Chest (Age 41)

I had the Dot Smartxide laser therapy 5 days ago...

I had the Dot Smartxide laser therapy 5 days ago on my face, neck and chest . I am 41 with some acne scars on my cheeks, some slight wrinkles around my eyes and a little sun damage on my chest. I thought this would be a great way to look a bit better.

I must say the treatment went well some stinging around sensitive areas such as eyes,nose, mouth and on the chest. When the treatment was over I did feel really sunburned and they put ice packs on my face and chest which did help a lot, although my eyes were really swollen I think that bothered me the most. I drove myself home and continued to swell and turn more red, but really no pain just a little sensitive. I continued to use the ice packs as much as possible to try to reduce the swelling around my eyes and top of cheeks.

The next couple of days I stayed in and began to worry that I made a mistake, the swelling was not really going down as much as I wanted, still very red and the grid marks began to show.

On the 4 day the swelling went down dramatically I began to peel and the Dr. told me not to pick or peel at the skin but that I could wear make up on day three ( impossible ). On day 5 it was the first day I was attempting to try makeup which did not work because the peeling was so bad and with the foundation I lookED awful I was just devasted. I went to bathroom to try to wash off the makeup but the skin started coming off. So I decided against my Dr.s advise and took a steam shower I stayed in for 30 mins. and started to gently rub the dead skin away and was surpriseD to see slightly pink, fresh and glowing skin. I haven't seen this skin since high school although I must say my skin has never looked better and I am 41.

In the beginning I thought I made a huge mistake, was scared of the recovery time because you do look bad you go from red, swollen to brown with grid marks almost snake like skin and your trying to put on all the lotions they give you so that you keep your skin moist which I was putting on constantly because your skin does get really dry and itchy. I know that the exfoliating that I did is not recommended, but I had to go back to work and did not like the way I looked still freaky.

I am glad I did this and it worked. Just make sure that you steam a good 15 mins. before you touch your face so the skin is easily removed without force, the dead skin should come off really easy. So day 5 and I love my skin my neck and chest are starting to peel now but those areas I'll keep covered a couple more days.

I just wanted to give some hope to those who are going through the recovery stage or thinking about it. It was worth every penny, the only thing I would suggest is doing it when you have a couple of extra days off of work, it took me five days and I am not completely peeled.

I hope my story helped. Good luck!

I had the DOT laser 2 days ago on my eye and cheek area to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I am 44, very thin, and feel like I am aging prematurely, Anyway, the procedure experience was similar to other posts above, numbing cream for an hour, 5-10 minutes of uncomfortable laser stinging, followed by slight swelling and redness after. HOWEVER, the first morning I woke up my eyes were swollen shut!!! It got better as the day went on and then morning 2 they were even worse!!! Definitely goes down during the day but I look like an alien due to the excessive swelling. I have to go to work in 2 more days and I imagine I will look like a red, scaly, swollen snake woman.......AND, I am supposed to go back for a 2nd treatment in 2 weeks - YIKES!!!! Hopefully, this will all be worth it. :-)
It been almost a year since I had this procedure and the grid spider-man scarring on my chest has not gone away at all. While it has healed on my neck, the scars on my chest are prominent and I can no longer wear bathing suits or any clothing that reveals my chest from the neck down.

I completely regret having this dangerous and negative life changing procedure done. While the doctor and team has been giving me assure treatments to bring the redness down, apparently nothing can be done to remove the raised grid spider-man scars. On top of this, the whole purpose of having this done was to remove the brown spots on my neck (they lasered further down my chest than was necessary) and the brown spots came back completely on my neck even though I wear SPF 85 sunblock every day (and have worn sunblock for years now).

I would advise anyone considering this procedure to please have second is not worth it and could ruin your life and looks.
I had Dot Laser treatment on my face, neck and chest three days ago. I didn't feel real pain, only discomfort that was easily tolerated. I used the gel and cream that the doctor prescribed but on day two I switched to Aquafor. This morning I took my first shower and gently washed my face, etc. The shower felt much better than I would have thought (I assumed the warm water would really hurt). I'm starting to peel and I can definitely see the grid patterns which is a little scary but like the other reviewers have stated, I am not too concerned. The doctor has assured me they will go away soon. I'm being realistic about my recovery and would assume I'll look "normal" in two weeks or so and then will continue to see improvements for several months. I think this was a good value for me. I have had a facelift (8 years ago) and although my results have remained good, I didn't want to repeat the expense, etc. I'm excited about what the next few months will bring and am expecting the results to last for several years (with the help of sunblock).

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