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Too Early Yet - Deep FX for Sun Damage. Tightening and Texture Improvement Will Be a Bonus - Denver, CO

Well I've been researching this and other...

Well I've been researching this and other procedures for well over a year now and finally had this done today. My main goal is removing sundamage. any tightening or improved texture is a bonus.

The procedure itself was a breeze... I did take the typical Valium and vicodin -- I'm sure that helped. The dr did much more deep fx than I was expecting so yes I am all oozy and pretty gross looking.

I am concerned deeply about the extended healing time needed for this as I just don't have the time to do it. had to travel for this and am holed up in a super comfy hotel for the next 5 days...

This site was super helpful to me when I was researching all this. So, being that I'm here and bored I will give daily updates!

 ok...well i didn't exactly write daily...

 ok...well i didn't exactly write daily updates but it's been about a week and i can report a lot more.  the oozing and grossness lasted about 3 days... then the tightness and itchiness set in! my doctor gave me special products --aquanil was the name of the cleanser... something called "silkses" by sesderma instead of aquafor and something called bio-cream by neocutis.  fancier versions is all but they worked really well.  i had the advantage of staying in a hotel room for 5 days so i didn't have to do anything but rest and heal.  i feel this helped tremendously.  also: i washed my hands like 20 times a day.  it is very tempting to touch your face and i of course wanted to avoid any possibility of infection.  i took presnidone for swelling, also arnica for bruising, benadryl for itching -- this was important! one night i didn't take it and i scratched my face in my sleep!  after the skin started sloughing off my skin started to break out and become rather thick and dry.  this worried me but every day its getting a little better. even so, my face is still red and tight-- some residual swelling as well.  i am confident this will resolve itself soon.  i have to say-- so far the results are better than i expected.  all of my sundamage is gone. every little wrinkle around my eyes and the crepiness under them is also completely gone.  amazing.  i bought a sun hat that is made of uva/uvb block material and plan on using that and heavy sunscreen so the damage doesn't come back.  i think that is probably the most important thing to do to retain the results. like i said i researched this and other laser procedures for quite a while.  i knew what i was getting myself into.  research your doctor!!  look at pictures of what you will look like so you don't panic! i am very happy with my results.  if down the line something changes and the damage comes back i will edit again.

When I had my first CO2 resurfacing 10 yrs ago, I had a huge problem w/ itching. I found pure EMU oil to work like a charm. Health food stores usually carry it and it is high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 EFA's. Tomorrow I go in for a fractional lazer treatment and have my EMU oil close at hand.
I am scheduled to do the deep fx in April. I hope you will post again. They say that the full benefit-via collagen production etc isn't realized until 4-5 months out. I would be interested to hear how you feel about the deep fx in a couple of months. I am doing deep fx as opposed to Obagi Blue Peel because of what i've been told are the deeper and longer lasting results. Was very happy with the blue peel, but am looking for something more.
I am one month out, the swelling is gone and most of the redness. But my skin is still splotchy so I'm wearing make up. My age spots are still there but lighter, my fine lines around my eyes, mouth and cheeks are still there too. I am 56 and had pretty good skin going into this. So unless I see more improvement in the next 3 to 4 months I will have to say I did not get the results I had hoped for. The social down time for me was a solid 2 weeks and then the past two weeks I have gotten by with out too many funny looks. My best girlfriend has not said oh my god you look great, I can't wait to do it...But if in the next couple of months my skin tone evens out and my pores are tighter that will have made it worth it even if I still have all the lines..
Dr Verebelyi

very patient, explained everything...lots of experience and recommended by many

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