Depressed After Porcelain Veneers

Cons: Dentist failed to warn me of the risks of...

Cons: Dentist failed to warn me of the risks of getting veneers; longevity of veneers; failed to consult with me about the final look.

I am 24 years old. I recently had porcelain veneers placed on my teeth. I had a nice smile to begin with and was hoping to improve it. However, I am very unhappy with the results. My teeth are shorter than when I began and are not aesthetically pleasing. I don't know why I got them done.

I have three questions: 1) Should I ask for a refund or should I get the dentist to re-do them if they are willing to re-do?; 2) How many times will I likely have to undergo this process in my lifetime? (I practice good oral hygiene); 3) Is it dangerous to re-do them? The entire experience has been very traumatizing.


Corky Willhite, you'll have to fly out to Louisiana. Look him up, he is world-renowned in bonding. He charges $1500 per tooth for bonding.
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Well, I am about to have an accredited cosmetic dentist rebond back my old look and shape of my old teeth with the same color using composite bonding. I am taking photots of what i looked like before my veneers. She is going to sculp my teeth back to where they were so they are not bulky or lined up looking like a picket fence!! I am being charges an arm and a leg but I don't care. I'd rather get touch ups and repair a chip than to risk a veneer pop off in public and then I have to replace it..I see that many cosmetic dentists are against bonding over porcelain, but all of the people I see with bonding, it blends in better with their natural teeth, and lasts a long time beleive it or not (from the folks I know).
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I am looking for someone to redo my bonding. Very hard to find...Would you please give me the name of your dentist?
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