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Depressed After Porcelain Veneers

Cons: Dentist failed to warn me of the risks of...

Cons: Dentist failed to warn me of the risks of getting veneers; longevity of veneers; failed to consult with me about the final look.

I am 24 years old. I recently had porcelain veneers placed on my teeth. I had a nice smile to begin with and was hoping to improve it. However, I am very unhappy with the results. My teeth are shorter than when I began and are not aesthetically pleasing. I don't know why I got them done.

I have three questions: 1) Should I ask for a refund or should I get the dentist to re-do them if they are willing to re-do?; 2) How many times will I likely have to undergo this process in my lifetime? (I practice good oral hygiene); 3) Is it dangerous to re-do them? The entire experience has been very traumatizing.
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Corky Willhite, you'll have to fly out to Louisiana. Look him up, he is world-renowned in bonding. He charges $1500 per tooth for bonding.
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Well, I am about to have an accredited cosmetic dentist rebond back my old look and shape of my old teeth with the same color using composite bonding. I am taking photots of what i looked like before my veneers. She is going to sculp my teeth back to where they were so they are not bulky or lined up looking like a picket fence!! I am being charges an arm and a leg but I don't care. I'd rather get touch ups and repair a chip than to risk a veneer pop off in public and then I have to replace it..I see that many cosmetic dentists are against bonding over porcelain, but all of the people I see with bonding, it blends in better with their natural teeth, and lasts a long time beleive it or not (from the folks I know).
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I am looking for someone to redo my bonding. Very hard to find...Would you please give me the name of your dentist?
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About 5 years ago I had my top 6 front teeth bonded with composite bonding to remove a gap and make them more uniform in size and color. I was happy the first two-three years, but the past 2 years I've had nothing but problems. They have chipped in a number of places and now I have a chipped front tooth and gaps on the sides of two of my bonded teeth, plus the places that chip turn brown and no dental cleaning (including the salty sandblast) removes it. My dentist now refuses to repair them--says it won't help for very long. Wish he'd told me that before he messed with all of them. Of course, he wants me to let him put on Lumineers. I'm looking for a different dentist and better advice. I'd be very careful about getting the bonding done, unless your dentist agrees in writing to repair them every time they chip or turn brown in places so they continue to look like new for more than a couple of years. Mine are a real disappointment. I've got to do something, but $4,000 for the Lumineers and more for caps is a real problem too!
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Your story is similar to mine and I feel your pain. I'm on my temporaries, but I can't undo it because he drill 6 of my top front teeth. He did not inform me of ANYTHING. I expressed him my concerns, but he ignored them. What others have been telling me is: if you do not like the results, its not too late to fix it at another cosmetic dentist. I know that sounds costly, but its better than regretting it and forcing yourself to live with it. I, myself, would get new porcelain veneers done at another place, but I'm 21 and I have no money left. Mine aren't even made from real porcelain.... =/
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I am sorry that your experience was not a good one. I always recommend to patients that they try to have the original dentist rectify the situation before going elsewhere to have them replaced. Longevity of veneers is dependant on many factors such as oral hygiene, amount of tooth structure left under the veneer, patient's bite scheme, preexisting fillings, etc. For most patients, I tell them that veneers should last somewhere between 10-20 years. At that time, the amount of repair may be limited to some marginal rebonding or it could require complete replacement of all veneers. If you do need them replaced, there is always some inherent risk to preparing the teeth again. No matter how careful the dentist is, treating the teeth numerous times can cause damage over time.
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