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Face/necklift - Too Much Swelling and Hard Face Feeling

I had a face/neck lift 1 month ago. Pros- top...

I had a face/neck lift 1 month ago.

Pros- top doctor, well known.

cons- poor availability, never called me. I had a turkey neck and sagging jaw.

It has been a month since I had my face/necklift. I still have a lot of swelling and my face feels very hard to the touch. It feels like there's fluid under the skin. I would like to know if any of you have had this experience.

I'm so scared that my face will stay feeling this hard and that the swelling will not improve. I don't seem to see any improvement with my swelling.

When my doctor removed the stiches a week after he said "see you in 3 months". No more doctors visit.

I would like to know,Do I have a reason to be worry? Will the swelling and hardness on my face will go down? Please reply. thanks

John Tyron

Do not recommend because didn't show focus on detail, sensitivity.

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hi, i had a facelift two weeks ago (only cheeks) i develooed hematoma on both sides (i don't smoke or anything). i stopped draining a few days ago, but now the sides of my face are hard! did yours improve?was it swelling? i am waiting to see my ps friday who didnt bother to call me back. i saw his nurse who doesnt know much. she said it may be scar tissue...at two weeks?
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Veronica, I hope you start to feel better soon. Thank you for sharing. I hope that all prospective patients will note that a 'top' doctor or well-known one is often times just good advertising and does not say anything about his ability.
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Veronica who was your dr and what exactly did the dr do to your neck muscles? Often, there are two main procedures to address the neck. One, puts a sling in place, the other type sews the two muscles together that run from the tip of the chin to the lower neck. I hope the tightness resolves and you feel better soon.
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who was the dr????
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yes i have had faceneck lift done 10 days ago and the tightness is unbearable in the neck area and also i cannot put my teeth together i wish there was a operation i could have to loosen my neck, the post op instructions i was given said one could return to work after two weeks, i cannot do anything im just stuck at home with my hubby having to do everything for me
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I had my neck lift on April 2. My swelling and tightness in my neck is horrible. It makes me crazy. It especially gets tighter at night. I feel like I'm going to be choked by my own skin. I take Xanax or I would be insane. My dr says it will get better. So far I don't see any sign of getting any better.
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