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Deep FX Recovery Was Nasty the First Few Days but Skin Tightening Started Right Away - Tampa, FL

I won't lie. Around two hours after the...

I won't lie. Around two hours after the procedure my face was dripping brownish ooze, it hurt and smelled bad. By the eighth hour my face was numb, even to the touch.

Day two my face swelled like a grape, my eyes nearly disappeared, I couldn't open my mouth and the smell was just awful.

Amazingly enough by day five I was pink, but back to normal, almost. The tightening started right away. Tomorrow is two weeks and I look healthy, like I've been at the beach.

My neck is already blending smoothly. Compliments are flooding in. I cannot wait to see how it looks in three months. I'm so excited.

Kristen Thornley Walsh A.R.N.P. , M.S.N./Vein Center of Tampa Bay

Prices are the lowest I found, in order to make procedures available to more people. Staff is wonderful. I felt at ease and in good hands from the minute I got there.

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Would be interested to know how your face is now as I'm thinking of doing the same. thanks
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Hi Lisa! Have you had any other treatments? Have you had any problems with developing pigmentation from sun exposure now that you have under gone a laser treatment?
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Do you have to let you face just bleed and drip ooze?
Can you wipe if off (very gently) once in a while and then reapply the Vaseline?
You look great by the way. I want to get it done.

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You can dab it gently, but don't put vaseline on it. You will bet a special cream to keep it moistierized.
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Lisa Kaye, I am so happy for you. It has been just over 1 year for me and, sadly, one would never know I had anything done...I just look another year older! I wish I knew why this procedure works for some and is a complete waste of money for others. My doctor has offered to redo the process but only around my mouth and chin. I don't even know if it's worth the pain. By the way, you look lovely.
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Lisa Kaye, Do you have a before picture?
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how your face looks now? I live in tampa I 40 years old and I'm thinking to take a treatment.
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It is very smooth.I have even noticed my skin is plumping up with a healthy sheen. I naturally have dry skin, (except for my chin)so I use Cetaphil Cleanser, which is very mild. I also invesyed in Viscontour Serum which locks in moisture, and Cetaphil Moisturizer spf 15 daily and at night I alternate Retin-A cream and then CU3 Comlex to promote healing. Throughout the day I am constantly reaplying moisterizer.
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Does your face feel as smooth as it looks?!
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Congratulations Lisa Kaye! It looks like an extreme procedure that you went through but you look terrific two weeks out. I am certain you will find further improvements as time goes by. Allison
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