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It was really free, yah, because I originally had...

It was really free, yah, because I originally had a micro laser peel in early December 2008. After the procedure (several weeks), I looked like I was ran over by a tire leaving a pattern on my face from the tools used. To make it worse, I am a model and now I am completely insecure about my face and have lost money (work).

So my IPL treatments have been free due to the center destroying my face. It is now June 2009, I have had 7 IPL treatments and if anything, my face is worse. I still have the square patterns on both cheeks, my skin is a lot more oily (I was always normal), with hypopigmentation that looks like scarring. To look somewhat normal, I have to wear tons of makeup. The make up makes me even more insecure knowing I have way too much on.

The nurse keeps saying, "Oh, we just need to do another IPL and make adjustments on the setting." It is painful for the first hour, or it has been several hours when the nurse decides to do each area twice in one setting. I look like a monster for about 6-8 days and I am unable to work during this time of healing. I do not know what to do. I am going back in a few days for another nurse at the office to look at it. I am getting a second opinion and am thinking of a law suit.

Has anyone else had this similar experience? If so, did it ever get better and how? I really think it is permanent and if anything could fix it, it would be a very severe process like grafting which is scary and expensive.

HELP!!!!! My advice, do NOT do it!!!!!!

Dr. Manley @ DeJa Vu

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I used crest whitestrips level 2 for 2 days so far and the spots are noticably lighter. At least 50% lighter. I cut them to size and placed them on the brown spot and left for an hour. All you have to do is watch them and look through the clear strip to make sure ur skin isnt turning bright white because its getting irritated. I had that happen but it went away the next day.
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I AM 26 years old...& i am diabetic plus POC pateint as well...... i want to know if i want to do it IT OR NOT... ???????????????
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don't do IPL.. it's just not worth the risk. read the stories of people that were severely damaged by this machine. and if you are a diabetic, you are probably at a higher risk to heal poorly. brown burn marks are not even the worst that can happen from IPL, horrid scarring, indentations, wrinkles and the loss of collagen and elasticity + facial volume loss, as it can melt away fatty tissue.. Stick to natural stuff - tons of natural remedies online for pigmentation issues, wrinkles, acne and so on OR is you not into those, do very mild treatments like start off with a 10-15% lactic acid peel and increase the strength with time. Don't gamble with lasers, way too many risks. Good luck..
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Thankyou Very much....... Please Tell me one more thing......I hav aothrr problm if Polysicstic Ovaries ....And Just because if that i hav alot if Issues if Haïr Growth on my face, Chin & On my Body..... I usually Do Hot wax or Plucking...But just because of Hot WAx ...pimples Appeard & that pimple leave blak scar as i hav very sensitive skin ... WAt should i do....?? Should i Ré continue With wax...If laser isn't Goood for me because im Diabetic.....???
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Once again, please don't do IPL for hair removal or skin improvement, especially if you have sensitive skin on top of your other health issues. Any kind of laser/heat device has the potential to destroy your face (or other part of your body) like it did mine.. I wouldn't continue doing wax, as I don't really like it myself as a hair removal method. Generally, I am a proponent of natural solutions to health & skin issues, especially after having severe burns from IPL, but I think in your case, perhaps you can try using those hair removal creams that are available at the drug store or walmart (from the brand Nair for example) - be careful though since your skin is sensitive - try a test patch first on a small area of your skin.. also, I don't have too much experience with hair removal creams and really encourage you to read about the possible side effects of using them online (do a google search and see what people are saying) and make sure it is safe to use on the face. You can also try to bleach your facial hair to make it less noticeable - again please do your research to see if there are any risks and dangers - it may not be suitable for sensitive skin. Lastly, read up on natural alternatives that may be out there to decrease facial/body hair over time or to bleach it (I think I read somewhere that honey and lemon can bleach facial hair over time - but again do your own research to make sure - also even natural remedies can carry risks - lemon juice is very acidic and if you use it in pure form it can cause a burn, so again research, research, research..). Still, natural alternatives if used properly are probably the safest alternative, but may not be as effective (although you never know, some natural remedies work really well). Just always make sure to stay safe. As they say - better safe than sorry.
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Thankyou very much....God Bless u always...... Loads of Prayers & wishes for you......!!!!
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aww, you're sweet:) thanks. God bless you too!
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It has improved a little because of everything I have to consistently do, but one day in the sun without protection and it gets more noticeable. They said the same to me that ipl would fix it. Of course like you said, it made it worse. I hope when people do research, they find this thread :)
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Thanks so much for responding to my post. I'm definitely going to try the Obagi after I visit the burn center to find out whether I'm burned or not and once my face rests for awhile.

I had a laser peel as well. I did two IPLs and than a laser. It was after the laser that I started noticing all of the discoloration. He did one more IPL after that claiming that the IPL would fix the discoloration but, it didn't... it only made it worse.

I was also told that it depends on who does the IPL or the laser... that they have to know exactly what they're doing. One tweak of the machine and you can be ruined for life.

I can't believe that they did 9 IPLs in less than 4 months!!! That's crazy!!!

I'm so sorry for what you are going through! Being a professional model, it must be so hard for you. How is your skin now?... has it improved?

Peace & light
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Obagi Nu Derm does help and does wonders for your skin, but u have to stick to it. Results show within 18 months. Using a lightening/bleaching cream helps along with constant sunblock and big hats when out in the summer sun.

I get the Obagi peel here and there along with microderm. It's constant maintenance, but u have to do it. The damage is permanent as I've been told by drs/rn's, etc. If you do not stay out of the sun, it comes back. I was out one day last year without my sunblock and the spots started to come back.

It's funny because my mom is a LPN and now works for a dermatologist that does ipl and my mom hasn't seen this. It all depends on who does it. Do not take the risk of any laser treatment, not worth the chance bring its permanent. I prefer chemical peels 100%

FYI, as my first post says, it wasn't IPL that destroyed my face. It was a stronger laser peel, but ipl was used to try to correct the damage. They ruined my face with more lasers by doing 9 ipls in less than 4 months. Complete horror story even more since I was a professional model :(
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First...make an appointment for a burn center, just in case so they can assess any damage.
Second, amp up on your vitamins and eat really extremely healthy.
Third...Leave the skin alone, no scrubs, retina, just sunblock and moisturize.
Fourth...Stay outta the sun for the next 6 months.
Fifth...Hydroquoine worked wonders for my pigmentation post ipls. Its a lighter, is an rx, does come with some controversies, but it's made my pigment uniform. more lasers, no more ipls, and take weekly pictures of your skin just in case you need to.
I'm so so so so sorry this happened you. If you have any inflammation on the skin try to get biafine. I hope this is the worst of it for you and it just gets better. Unfortunantely, their are no consistant results, or cookie cutter results, melasma post ipl/laser is from damage from those devices, "it's not bringing those spots to the surface" - - - that's what all practioners say. BS.
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My spelling is terrible, sorry about that. It happens when I get frusterated seeing someone else get injured and I type with fury. :(
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You don't need to worry about your spelling, we can all get what you are saying - your good heart & intentions are worth more than perfect grammar any day!

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Hi cveroleya... You have no idea how much your response means to me!!!... thank you so much! I appreciate every word that you wrote and the time that you took out of your day to write to me. : )

I was on a vegan diet for about two years... just recently, I started eating some meat again because my son (who is a fitness nut), insisted that I wasn't getting enough protein. We run on the beach together a few times a week and he noticed that I wasn't keeping up like I used to. I've decided though anyhow to go back to my vegan diet and to focus on getting more protein through legumes. I do eat very healthy but am guilty of not taking my vitamins as I should... I'm going to start as of now!

I went to a different dermatologist for an opinion about 3 weeks ago. She said that I should try the profraction since the doctor is offering to do it for free... I didn't feel good about that. She than said that if that didn't work, I could come back to her and get this new treatment called Villani... the brochure states that it's a revolutionary treatment and their center is one of the first in the US to be chosen to offer this "new cutting edge technology" to it's patients. Hmmm... not sure what to think about that. It's a mask derived from a sponge found in the Volga River in central Russia. I would need 12 treatments... total cost $1,200. I ended up walking out of there with a lightener called Elure. Besides costing a small fortune, it doesn't seem to be doing much for me. But, than again I don't know if I've given it enough time or not... I'm so anxious to be rid of these brown spots... I may just be impatient. I had been using a scrub made by dermalogica but after I use it, it seems as if my spots become more pronounced so, I stopped using it as of a few weeks ago.

Have you heard of the Obagi Nu Derm treatment working?

As much as I love being outdoors and the feeling of the sun on my face, I now soak my skin with sunblock and I put on a hat before I go out for the day. I swear... I would do anything to be rid of these spots... I wish so badly that I had read up on IPLs and lasers before getting these treatments. I did look into it a bit but, what I found was all positive results... subconsciously it's probably what I was looking for so, it's what I found. : (

I've read so many horror stories since I've realized the damage that these laser treatments cause... it breaks my heart to hear of what so many people are going through! I actually feel like I'm one of the lucky ones because there are so many people out there with experiences much worse than mine!... at least for now... I'm concerned with the fat loss and like you said, I hope that this is the worst it for me.

I'm going to see another dermatologist tomorrow and will mention the hydroquoine... hopefully she'll write me out a prescription for it.

I vow to NEVER get any laser treatment again!!! NEVER EVER!!!

If you don't mind me asking, what happened to you?... and how is your face today?

You are an angel... thank you so much again for responding!... your kindness brought tears to my eyes.

Peace & light
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Hi Rhea,
I'm on the forum that you addressed too:). I am one of the lucky ones as well, I did incur fat loss rather quickly, and my skin texture is sadly crepey at 35. I had my treatments done at 33, and like you I researched EVERYTHING. It simply sounded so easy, no downtime, and everything is touted as safe, safe, safe. It's not. My story is here too, if you click on it for your review, and I have pictures....gross
My face to date, is simply uniform in color, that's pretty much the only progress I've made, and in May of this year it will be 2 years since my initial treatment. The hydroquione, most likely they will start you off at 4%, in my case, my skin tolerates it well and I'm at 8%. Stay off the scrubs, because it can make the pigmentation worse. Your pigmentation colored becaused it was your skins way of trying to protect you from the heat of the ipls/lasers. I haven't heard much of the Villani, that's new to me. But because your damage is early out, I'm so tempted to tell you to stay hand off, just sunblock and moisturizer and the rx once presecribed. I waited a year for my skin to settle, you don't want to keep it in inflammation mode because that can delay your healing for now. If you're not so great at multivatims, lololol, you can look into systemic enzymes. That was mentioned before from someone that had a negative experience with lasers, her dad I believe is a scientist, and really what your body needs is all the nutrition it can get so that it can heal fast and well.
I'm sorry Rhea, I'm sorry for everyone that has had a negative experience. I'd like to see professionals disclose that the heat can cause thermal damage, and with that even though pigment spots seem to slough off early in damage, they only creep up even faster in new areas where the skin absorbed the most heat, and creates new ones, and makes your skin weaker. It's playing with fire, literally.
Be good to yourself, and don't It will drive you crazy to the point you can get yourself into other trouble with new treatments that your skin may not be ready for. Inside out is what I think is almost key. But make sure you take pictures, I hate to see anything ahppen to your skin and texture beyond pigment change, but you need those pictures regardless and just in case you need to go back or look into legal options. This stuff aint no joke...sigh.
Smile on;),
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Hi Claud... I'm so sorry for what happened to you! I saw your pics... you are so pretty!!! I do see the damage done to your skin but, your face and your hair is so beautiful! I can't believe that you still have damage almost two years later!... that's so sad and so scary!

I went to see a dermatologist yesterday that I use to go to years ago... I stopped going to her because I changed insurance companies. She did make me feel a little better but, I still don't know if I have hyper pigmentation or scarring. My face feels somewhat smooth but, when I press hard with one finger across my cheeks, I can feel little ridges where the white spots are. I'm just afraid that if it's scarring, there may be something else that I should be using. Someone mentioned a gel like sheet... silicone sheeting? The dermatologist did say the exact same thing that you did... stay away from peels and any strong treatments. I asked her about the Obagi and she didn't want me doing that right now either. She did give me some hydroquine but other than that she said to give my skin a break and to let it rest and heal. I'm going to take your advice and make an appointment at a burn center because I truly to believe that I've been burned.

In the meanwhile, I'm really going to try not to stress. : ) I think that I'm going to hold off on using the hydroquione just in case what I have is scarring... I don't want to create more problems and I don't know what the hydroquione will do to scarring? I'm going to look into the systematic enzymes as well.

I'm so sorry that all of us are in this situation!!! Thank you so much for all of your help and your advice!!!

Peace & light
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Rhea you're so I just wanted people to see that normal people like you and me go from that to this, and that it's real. Can you believe that docs are also recommending ipls/laser to teenagers? It's awful, and parents are allowing it, they are simply trying to help their kids is all. There is no patient selection in this case, none at all, and those with non extreme skin issues should not be offered these treatments - period.
You can use scar guard, it's like a silicon sheeting. I would stay off the hydroquione too (keep it in the fridge always), I waited one year before I began it, because it can be drying and irritating. Maybe you don't have to wait as long, but I'd give it at least a good six months if you can hold out that long. Cerave, in case you don't use it, pick it, it's a great and gentle moisturizer, it won't irritate your skin and that's what my derm and many others suggest, especially since your skin is sensitive right now. Leave off any kind of anything extra, just moisturizer and sunblock. That's it. Your skin is also vulnerable to more allergic reactions, so keep it simple and stick to powder make up.
Don't try to keep up your healthy lifestyle and eating, your tissue needs all the nutrition. For any kind of inflammation, you can get some arnica cream or tablets, keep off cortesoids.
I'm actually in the process of researching fat 35!!!! I never even knew how naive I was to think of ipls as non cosmetic surgery, it really destroyed my contours and face. Unfortuantely, same body, but I look really sickly even though I feel great and healthy, but my tissues were altered with heat. I always said I'd just keep it natural, but I never guessed this would have ever happened, so now I'll be more like 90% natural? ugh.....
Vitalize is a good brand, that was recomended by the person I told you about, and wowbenzym...something like that. Vitalize is about 90.00 for 180 tablets, it last 2 months. Wowbenzym is a little cheaper, but you have to take 6 tablets a day, so the former is more bang for your buck. Does it work, I have no idea, but if she's a scientists's daughter and it's natural, why
I'm sorry too, but I pray it will be okay for you and that people read our experiences and run the other direction. So not worth the gamble.....
Love ya,
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Hi, I have IPL damage, my skin is fine unless i go in the sun. if i spend any time in the sun my face erupts into an itchy red rash and then turns orange and peels off. it has been 2 months so far. After 6 months are you able to go in the sun??
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hi, no, i cant go in the sun without feeling like my face is on fire. its terrible:/. i tried a conservative amount of juvaderm once post ipl, and when it wore off i guess i didnt remember what i looked like before? felt like my marionettes were really strong and my cheeks flattened out more. but one thing obvious in pictures is that the right side of my marionette line was permananetly altered, in that it crease differently post juvaderm. this experience drives me nuts. idk, for some lasers have created a mess and for its been great:/. im embarassed i boughtinto the laser hype for my blemishes and oily skin, too late now.
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I'm 46 yo and have been a sun worshipper for much of my life. I'm very active out doors... live coastal and love the beach. I run outdoors, road bike and mountain bike, rollerblade along the beach, hike, paddle board, kayak and on and on. I go to Maui once a year and love the feeling of a tan... as I've grown older, I still enjoy the sun but, decided to start wearing some sunblock and to start taking care of my skin. I never planned to completely stay out of the sun but, just to keep it at a minimum. My skin wasn't horrible in anyway... I just started noticing some fine lines and I had one little dark brown spot near my nose about the size of the tip of a Q-tip. My sister ran across a groupon for a laser clinic in Irvine, Ca. They were running a special on IPLs. I thought, why not... it will smoothen out my skin and reduce the fine lines. What a huge mistake I made!!! I had 2 IPLs and started noticing some hyper pigmentation. I didn't realize that it was hyper pigmentation at the time... I just called them brown spots. My doctor explained to me that the spots were as a result of the sun damage coming to the surface and that I needed to have a laser peel. I forked out the money for the laser peel thinking that it would solve my problem. Wrong, wrong, wrong!!! The brown spots (I now know that it's hyper pigmentation), only got worse. He suggested a light touch up IPL explaining that that would take care of it... it didn't. My touch up IPL was about 7 weeks ago. My skin is horribly ruddy looking and completely blotchy. Now my doctor says that I need a pro fraction in conjunction with another IPL to get rid of the hyper pigmentation... he's now saying that I may even have melasma and that an imbalance of my hormones is what is causing it... I just love how his stories keep changing! He's offered to do this 1,500 treatment for free because he knows that he's screwed up... NO THANK YOU!!! By the way, I'm of central european decent... my skin tone is fair with slight olive undertones. He keeps saying that he has no idea why this has happened to me... I have the perfect skin tone for these types of treatments. I now have no idea what to do!!! I wear a gob of make-up everyday to hide the discoloration (you can still see it though through my make-up), and am terrified when the sun hits my face... knowing now that the sun will only darken my spots. I have an appointment with another dermatologist this week and am praying that she has some conservative answers for me. I googled IPL and laser damage and ran across a group that I joined. If anyone has any questions or just wants to realize the damage that these laser treatments are capable of, please go to this site. It may "freak" you out a bit but, it's a reality. PLEASE, PLEASE do your research before you opt to do any laser treatments!!! If I could take it all back, I would in a heartbeat. I've recently noticed some crescent shaped indentations on my cheeks and am terrified of fat loss... I hear that this can begin to happen up to even a couple of years after the treatments. Sorry for the long post... I just had to tell my story hoping to help others avoid what I'm going through. If anyone has any suggestions for me to help get rid of my hyper pigmentation... i.e. lightening creams, chemical peels... anything!!!... I would be so grateful! Thank you so much! Peace & light.
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The Medspa PA burned me too at my 3rd procedure! I can still feel the sting ! T+hey didn't want to hear anything negative! Just defended themselves, took pictures and come back in 6 weeks! Never did they offer any help to ease it! Didn't want to admit she burned me!really sick over it and people in general!
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I have undergone 2 total IPL treatments. The treatments (1 and 2 )were 7 weeks apart.
I have a 3rd one scheduled for this week. That will make it 4 weeks from my most recent treatment. They say to make each IPL tx 4-6 weeks apart. I have not had any issues thus far...fingers crossed. I did have a reaction after my 2nd treatment...this was not r/t the IPL tho. My doctor said I could resume my ziana (helps acne) and that was a big mistake. I developed red,raised, itchy areas all over my r side of my face. My dermatologist said this was because Ziana is a retinoid and it causes sun sensitivity. I should have waited at least 1 week to start using it again. Presently the reaction has diminished. I do feel really dry though. Not sure if this is IPL related or just residual from the ZIANA.BTW...I am receiving IPL for a brown birthmark on my cheek. Curious to know, those of you who have had negative responses to IPL...did you go to a doctor certified or a spa???? Did you space out the IPL treatments as directed??? Also, it seems that a lot of those with negative responses have darker skin. I have read that IPL is not rec for those with darker skin. My heart aches when I read these horror stories. I wish the best to you all. Any feed back would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Oh yeah, and I'm also an ipl vicitm....never ever ever
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What chemical peels are you using? I found a great esthetician who will be doing my microderm, but also have a natural brown skin so don't know what chemical peels to learn more about.
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Thanks guys! It's been a few years now and my face is about 80% better thanks to a new office I go to in Louisville, KY.

Here is what has helped: I use the Obagi Nu Derm system and its wonderful. Def worth the money. And yes, I use sun screen all the time, no tanning my face.

I was doing chemical peels every 4 weeks with microdermabrasion in between. I did this cycle for about 6 months. Then I did chemical peels only about every 6-8 weeks. Recently I had the new Obagi Radiance Peel, I love it!!!! It's $150 per visit compared to $100 for the chemical peel, but well worth it. I'm going to get a package of 6 and do it every 4 weeks and I still use the Nu Derm system.

Sunscreen is crucial, because the lines come back if not. I hate that my face stays pale since I'm olive and dark complected, but a good bronzer helps. I will never do laser treatment again.

I hope this helps :)
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