Cool Lipo on Face, Neck and Jowls - YIKES

Cool Lipo on face,neck,jowels 10 days ago. Worse...

Cool Lipo on face,neck,jowels 10 days ago. Worse part of procedure was the numbing. Nobody called after the procedure to see how i was feeling. I was terribly swollen,sore and bruised for several days.

NOW, my neck is squishy like jello, the skin is sagging and hanging and it jiggles. i look so much worse than when i went in. i dont know if this skin is going to tighten up...where is this loose skin going to go to? I didnt go in with loose skin like feels like crepe. Then underneath, the neck feels hard. There is also a line which resembles a scar.

I am so distressed over what i have done to myself. I will contact a plastic surgeon (which i should have done in the first place) to see if this can be corrected! I cannot see my neck ever looking or feeling normal again. (there is still numbness in the neck...and still soreness in the neck and jowels). And, i did not do any research before jumping into this with both feet!!!!!!

I will vote undecided at this time because i am told you have to wait 6 months to a year for it to look good...however, i never considered that it would look worse after the procedure...and i certainly do not want my friends to see me, do i wait 6 months to a year before going out again???!!!! I am so distressed over this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot imagine this loose, hanging skin just disappearing or tightening up on its own! YIKES. What have i done?!

What is the difference between cool  lipo and...

What is the difference between cool  lipo and smart lipo? Is one better than the other?

No I wouldnt...however, I dont need it on my body...I am in good shape. Maybe if I needed it? I would really do research on the doctor...I didnt do that with Dr. Stevens because I was new with the computer and didnt know you could google and get reviews. Had I done the reviews, I would not have chosen to do the procedure on my face. If I chose to do anything on my face, I would only go to a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon...And, if I chose it on the body, I think I would make darned sure it was a qualified MD......Thanks......
I appreciate you replying back. I have a follow up question.

Would you have cool lipo done on you hips or abdomen ?

BTW I distinctly remember a local clinic telling me that they only use cool lip for abdomen, love handles and hips.
I still feel the same about the doctor and cool lipo for the neck/face area. It might work for the tummy/hips but I would never suggest it for the neck area. I feel it really played on my emotions and still does. I feel it made it look older. If I had the money, I would consider a face lift....but only by a qualified professional MD. Never an internist!!!! It is one of my "top on my list" of regrets in life. Dr. Stevens had her license "suspended" until she did rehab and jumped over some hoops (I followed this on the Dept. of Health website), she now had her license reinstated and probably has her "sign" out in some other town?? Dont know. But, you know she will probably be out there again. So, huge lesson learned by me. Oh well. Just sorry it was on my face and not on my hips.....Thanks for checking in.
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