Loss of Senstion and Numbness to Lower Abdomen - Flushing, NY

Very painful... I am still sore 10 days after the...

very painful... I am still sore 10 days after the procedure was done. loss of sesation to lower abdm, bruising is sarting to go away....will keep everyone updated

I had cool lipo done to my upper, lower, and side abdomen 9 days ago. On day 7 , I lost all sensation to my lower abdomen, I cannot feel myself scratching the area. It feels itchy but I have no feeling to that area. It is totally numb. My doctor says that this is normal. Is anyone else having this problem?

Dr Robert Rho

had no people skills

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What doctor did you see?
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scars are still there, it's healing but at a really slow pace.
I am looking to have the procedure done again...since the lumps and bumps are still there, it looks like I have extra large cellulite, at least before the procedure was done, my stomach was just sticking out but the skin was smooth, you could not see lumpy bumpy... this sucks to spend so much money and I have to do it again...
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Was this ur first body contouring? I did it in 2007 after losing weight to make me tight. It was liposelection & used heat & I was burned & scarred but looked great. Not much pain or down town. Did abdomen & lower back. Then did smartlipo in 2010 & was in so much pain for weeks after. Definitely not happy. Did tummy, abdomen & backfat. Backfat never went away. My tummy is lopsided now w/one side higher than the other close to 1/2 inch. Luckily my scars are white but so disappointed for the $ spent. Thank u all for the review before I waste more money & risk more deformities. Good luck, everyone :)
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Are the scars still there? and is your stomache still lumpy? Because Im looking into getting the procedure done, but I don't want to make a foolish decision and I was suppose to consult with him tomorrow but now Im second guessing doing the procedure with him!
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Hi, sorry for the delay in my answer. I freaked out when I lost sensation and called the office, they put the manager on the phone, she immediately told me to come in. I drove all the way to the office, waited a while. Then when I stepped out to put money in the meter, the office manager called me on my cell phone and said Dr Rho looked over my files and said it was normal and told me to go home. I told them I was already here and wanted to be seen, she assured me that he said it was normal and that he couldn't see me even though I was already there... fast forward 8 months later, my stomach is still lumpy bumpy, it is flatter than it was oringinally but NOT smooth. My incision scars are still dark. I am not happy with it and it needs to be retouched but I am not going to go back to someone who did not have a good rapport with me... hope this helps..
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Hi Sugarlee, I am sorry to hear your experience with this doctor wasn't ideal. I'm scheduled to have a consultation with him tomorrow for Cool Lipo on my abdomen, but after reading your review, I am a bit worried that he isn't a good surgeon. Have you regained sensation to your stomach? Has he offered to fix the problems at no cost? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be sure I am choosing the right doctor. Good luck and I really hope you get the results you hoped for.
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Hi How are the results now?
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After 6 months, my stomach still has lumps and bumps. It is still "wrinkly". The incision spots has not healed, it's not infected but you can tell that something was done there. Not 100% satisfied
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