Chose Contour Thread Lift over Traditional Facelift

Chose option versus traditional facelift because...

Chose option versus traditional facelift because recommended by physician as low risk with quick recovery time. I have had complications and need them removed. My physician has refused to remove them. I am looking for help.

Has anyone had Contour Threads successfully removed without them breaking in the face? What is the procedure - are they removed through the entry site in the scalp? Also, does anyone have any information on a class action lawsuit for the Contour Threads?

removal of thread is possible. I am a plastic surgeon in taiwan. I did contour lift amd the good results related to the right procedure. the right procedure is not as simple as usual physcian think that just put thread in to the skin.

Contour thread is not absorable but recently absorbable thread appears in the market which can decrease the complication as yours


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It sounds like a tricky procedure, not impossible.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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Not supportive after procedure with complications.

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