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Absolutely Worth It! (40 Year Old Asian Female, Have Suffered from Melasma for 10 Years) - Chino Hills, CA

I'm 40yrs old, asian female, and have suffered...

I'm 40yrs old, asian female, and have suffered from melasma for the past decade. I've tried just about everything... laser treatments, microdermabrasion, peels, hydroquinone, TriLuma, etc... Not one of these gave me more than a little improvement.

I figured I'd give Cosmelan a try and wasn't expecting much. Boy was I shocked when after only one week my melasma had improved at least 50%. It's only been one month since I started the treatment and I'm happy to say that my melasma is almost completely gone. If it never gets any lighter I will still be thrilled.

Everyone keeps asking me what I did because my skin looks so great. Pores are smaller and I don't break out anymore either.

hi annarosa..did you ever find out the sellers name and if it was the old formula..please share anything you can offer..thanks so much..ive been dealing with melasma for about 5 years now and every year its gets worse
Hi, Thank-you so much for sharing your experience. I'm excited to buy it as well. I found it on ebay, but I want to be sure I get it from a reputable buyer. Do you recall who you purchased it from? I found a seller called medicosspa, but wanted to check with you first before I purchased it. Look forward to hearing back, thanks.
Hi annrosa, Was wondering how the product is working for you. I also found that seller on ebay and was thinking about trying it out. I think the md formula has hydroquinone in it and the ones on ebay don't have them. Anyway If you follow up, please share your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks

It's been one year since my peel and I have...

It's been one year since my peel and I have faithfully continued to use the Cosmelan 2 cream every day. Unfortunately, the pigmentation began to slowly return about 3 months after the peel. I'm considering doing the peel (Cosmelan 1) again since I had such great results last year.

BTW.. I use sunblock everyday and try to stay out of the sun altogether. I just don't think the #2 cream is all that effective at inhibiting pigmentation.

for how long i should keep using comelan 2? can anyone help me im not sure if i shoul buy one more I have alredy used 2 cosmelan 2 my skim is much bettrr but i belived that i may need more as there asre a few brown mark still
I had my cosmelan 1 done 4 monthes ago and it removed the lighter spots and lighten the darker spots. It's so light I do not have to wear makeup. Experienced spot s get darker if you are exposed to long in Sun. What I did to try to lighten the malasma again was use the cosmelan 2 on the spots 3 x a day for 2 days, casing a good peeling almost like in the beginning first weeks. then applied it lightly to whole face 2 a.Day for additional 2-3 days until it was nice and pink and almost new skin. Again. This makes pigment light again. I personally like placing it twice a day ..i like the pink glow I get on my checks. If face peels to much I just skip a treatment. For me findputting t cosmelan 2 on in morning with sunscreen that my pigments does not get darker,aybe this is because it is activly on and active while I am outside. I noticed when I did not wear it in am that spots would get darker. Wearing during day also encourages you to stay out of Sun because I often feel a warm tingling sensation when exposed to long in Sun. So, I wear mine twice a day heavier on spots. When it peels touch I go down to once a day 2-3 days. I am planning to do cosmelan 1 again for the residual spots that no body really seems to notices but me.,my cosmelan does not have hydroquinone because I was on it for 4 years and the new dermatologist that applied mask said it was not meant to be used long term. Besides it was notworking for me. I love cosmelan and will continue to usr it however long I have malasma. Heck I would probably always use it just because it makkes my skin beautiful like a baby. Cosmelan 2 maintains my spots well by doing the steps above. I find the cost of maintaince is less than getting a facial once a month. The skin cell turn over to reveal new skin is better than any of the over the counter products which does it much much slower. I used to be advid surfer and think that is how I got my malasma at 38 yrs old. I am 43 a little bit fatter but from what I have been told I look Early 30. (I do not believe them when they say mid 20s.) My doctor is Dr. Pilest orange county california

@Violett What kind of peeling you use

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