Chin Implant Removal

I got a chin implant 4 years ago to improve on my...

I got a chin implant 4 years ago to improve on my profile. However, the implant gave my face a long apperance, so i had if removed 5 months later. My chin has never look the same, i have alot of loose skin as well as scar tissue.

I wouldn't recommend getting this done, I only wanted a little projection but the results were way more drastic then i ever could have imagined.

Hi there, I had posted back in 2011 because i got an XL silicone implant inserted by a surgeon in NYC. I'm not a very big guy - 5' 8" and the implant made my face look really long and wide. I had a really tough time dealing with it and a month, 20lb wt loss later (b/c i felt so horrible and nervou about what i did to myself) I had the implant replaced with a medium sized implant by the same surgeon. Although that implant was an improvement, it still made my face look wider than i was comfortable with. The implant also wasn't adjusted to fit my own slightly asymetrical chin, so it wound up looking really crooked. I went to another surgeon and had the medium silicone implant replaced with a porous implant that was screwed to my chin since the all the surgeons I consulted recommended a fixed implant after silicone. That was my third chin implant. I made my concerns clear but i still woke up to see that on side was exactly what i had asked for, but the other side ofthe implant was rounded and still protruded on the side more than i liked. In all fairness, my family in friends thought i was taking this too far b/c the assymetry wasn't very noticable until i mendtioned it. I was still not happy with the results. I stressed out about having it revised a 4th time since I knew there was a risk that I still would not be happy with it. I consulted with Dr. Zide a total of 3 times before scheduling the surgery b/c I was so nervous. I finally had the 4th revision earlier this month and I am so happy with the results. Dr. Zide listened to what my dissatisfactions were and addressed them the was I was hoping he would. It has been a very long, expensive, emotional journey but I can finally say I am ready to put this experience behind me. I am gratefull to Dr. Zide and I wish that i had done more research before having the original surgery. I thought it was going to be an easy simple fix but it was just the opposite. I hope this helps people that may find themselves in a similar situation.
Hi Los3- Thanks for sharing! Any issues with removing the XL implant in terms of managing the soft tissue? how did the surgeon deal with that aspect? I have to beleive the skin and tissue within the chin stretched... Thanks!
Hi-Are you asking me or Erick?
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He said that the results would be very subtle. And the results were far from subtle

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