Significantly Smaller Smile - Temporary?

Pros: Great profile, makes me look more masculine,...

Pros: Great profile, makes me look more masculine, elongates face

Cons: Recovery and pain, smaller smile, don't know if it was worth the money

Why I did it: Have always been self-conscious about my profile and have a career in television broadcasting

Okay, so I may be overreacting, but this is a good question for anyone considering a chin implant. I am a week post-op, and while I am still numb and a bit swollen, I've noticed that my smile is completely different. It's not like other posts I've seen where the patient has a crooked smile. My issue is that I used to always be very toothy, and now I'm lucky if I can just show the top row of teeth.

who was your surgeon? you have a great smile!
Thanks itslee! The swelling actually went down COMPLETELY and I am LOVING the new look. I need to figure out how to revise this post, because I am very pleased with my results. I know that my smile will never be the same, but the fact that I have a profile is great. For anyone considering this surgery, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stay off of these boards for at least a month. It takes a lot of time to heal and see the real new look!
I don't know if this will help at all, but I like the after pic a lot! Maybe as the swelling goes down, the smile will "widen"? You should check with your doc, but just wanted to say it does look good.

Once the chin becomes less stiff, will I get my...

Once the chin becomes less stiff, will I get my picture perfect smile back? Or now that the chin implant is set in place, will I have more limited control of my lips? I'm really hoping it goes back to normal, because now I smile and it's ALL chin and no teeth.
did your smile fully return to normal??
Wow new profile looks fantastic.
Just wanted to give an update. The implant kept getting infected and I had to have it removed. Definitely only go to a board-certified plastic surgeon who will insert it beneath the chin (not orally). It's not worth the pain. I 100 percent regret my decision.
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