Crooked Smile After Chin Augmentation

I was knocked out for the surgery. I like the chin...

I was knocked out for the surgery. I like the chin but am having other issues after surgery. I did it because I wasn't satisfied with my born chin.

Hi. I had a chin augmentation one week ago. Four days after my surgery, I noticed that my smile is crooked - the left side of my lip doesn't move down as far as the right side of my lip. My doctor said "it'll go away" but I'm still racking my brain worried that this may be some kind of permanent after effect of the surgery.

Is it normal for such a crooked smile after surgery?

I've included a link to a photo for reference.


did your smile ever return to normal?
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I just had a chin implant and I have the same problem with my upper lips. Do you still have a crooked smile?
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i would think that with any kind of jaw/mouth surgery it would take awhile for your smile to be back to its normal self again. is it still crooked?
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Cause I don't know if the surgery was 100% successful yet.

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