Chest Strengthening/ Weight Lifting and Breast Implants

I had a fairly good experience wtih my breast...

I had a fairly good experience wtih my breast augmentation surgery. I healed very quickly, and I was driving within three days post surgery.

My implants are a little bigger than I would have liked; however, upon speaking with my surgeon about my concern, he said to wait at least a year before he changes them to a smaller size. Also, one breast is slightly larger than the other, but it was also this way before surgery. I also addressed this issue with my doctor, and he said not much else could be done. I have currently had the implants for 10 months, and their size is "growing" on me.

What I am wondering about is whether or not it is safe to do weight lifting/ strength training exercises after breast augmentation surgery. My surgeon informed me that I should never do any weight lifting/ strength training exercises again for the rest of my life because it will cause problems; however, my trainer at the gym completly disagrees. What is the correct answer to this question? Thank you.

Is it safe to do to do chest strengthening/ weight lifting exercises one year after having breast augmentation surgery?
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Overall he did a good job. I have had no complications from the surgery. However, they are a little bigger than I asked for originally.

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I too have one implant larger than the other. 350cc in left and 325cc in right. This was because my PS told me the right was slightly larger than the left. Well now it is visibly noticeable that the left looks larger than the right. Although I am 3 wks post-op, I plan on having more added to even them both out when I reach my 6 month post-op term. My PS gave me the go-ahead to resume my workouts, but to avoid doing any chest exercises, (i.e. butterflys or push-ups).
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Yep, mine are the same way. But I go back on March 18th, and get mine adjusted. I had adjustable implants put in when I had my lift done on December 4th. I have till May 4th, at which time my ports come out, to make necessary adjustments. When i go back next week I will be adding 100cc's more I decided i wanted to go bigger. Worst case if I get them TOO big on May 4th, I can have some taken out. Adjustables are the way to go~~~
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one of mine looks larger than the other surgeon says in time they will even out...we shall see
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I posted earlier but I dont think it went through. Im still learning how to use this site.I wrote that the doctor can adjust the implant size somehow.Don't allow the doctor to just leave it like that.Call him to go back in and talk about this.I'm on my third surgery.I'm speaking from experience!!!!
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I personally think it makes the breast contract and in my opinion can cause hardened breast....thats my own opinion...I also dont know why breasts end up one larger MINE IS THE SAME WAY...I would think they should know to put less cc's in one breast! But Im not a PS...
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i work out at the gym daily...i resumed weight lifting 2 months post-op, although i don't work my chest out-it feels very strange to do so. my surgeon gave me the ok after 6 weeks post op.
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There is something that can be done about that smaller breast.I wouldn't let the surgeon get away with that.All he has to do is add more ccs or if its silicone put a different size implant in that smaller breast.Don't settle for what he told you.Implants come in many shapes and sizes.That small implant is should be adjusted.
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