Chemical Peel Gone Bad

My primary doctor (at the time) was doing laser...

My primary doctor (at the time) was doing laser and derm practices. He had advertised medical grade chemical peels. I called the office and went in for a patch test. He did a 30% TCA peel near my ear area. There wasn't much action when i had gone it to get it checked 4 days later.

When I had gone in for the procedure, he had used a Jessner peel, a 30% TCA, and a 50 % TCA. Which I didn't find out til I ended up seeing a dermatologist 2 weeks later. (they needed my medical records) A friend of my had gotten me in to see her derm right away)

The third day into the peel I noticed the right lip/cheek area had a deep purple/reddish look to it. I questioned the doctor about it and he said everything looks "perfect"

Well anyway, you can see for yourself it didn't turn out perfect. I have scars on the lip area and about a 4 in scar across my forehead. The photos I have posted are 7 days after peel. The left side of my face doesn't look too bad, but the right side and forehead are a mess. Will Dermabrasion help with the scarring?

It's been 10 months since my chemical peel. The scarring is still noticeable after 3 dermabrasion treatments. I'd have to say the scarring is a bit softer, but the skin still has the whitish/bluish/gray color to it. Derm said the treatments won't help with the coloring. The nerve damage on the lip and forehead are VERY frustrating. Now that the weather is getting colder, it hurts/itches/stings so much more than it did in the summer. The only thing that will help with nerve damage is time. Thank you all for your comments!!!!
That is the results from wanabe plastic surgeons Eventually you may have superficial scars. I would recommend waiting 3-6 month then treat with skin care and fractional co2 laser
Well, I definitely have scarring, on the lip/cheek and forehead area. I also have nerve damage in those areas. I have had 3 dermabrasion treatments and am due for the 4th next week. The scars do appear softer on the outline, but are still very noticeable. Dr. said dermabrasion wont help with the nerve damage or discoloration from the peel. The cold weather and my face are not friends. It hurts so bad. I just keep my face covered. Thats all I can do. Thank you Dr Shureih, for your imput.

Will Microdermabrasion help with scarring from a...

Will Microdermabrasion help with scarring from a Chemical peel?

Jilzy123 I know this is from a long time ago but did the nerve damage ever heal? What does the nerve damage feel like in the face? I think I may have that. Ultra-sensitive to everything
Hi nerve damage heals by itself dont use chemical skin products, clean your face with baby soap and use shea butter with almond oil as day and night creme , you can also Add bio oil good luck
I had a peel a month ago, the DR used a 70% my face has burned so bad, I went back to see her a week after and she gave me fucibet cream, that helped with the pain, but my face looks like it will scar, I have been back again, and she has given me Kelso cote silicone, She said I need laser but I think it maybe to soon,as some parts of my face still have yellow patches. Any one had this, the peel was left on me for two minutes, she only used water to rinse my face after peel. Please help
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